6 Tips to Promote your Business

Marketing is important if you want your business to grow and succeed. You need to market your products, market your business and market your services. There are hundreds of ways you can promote your business and everyone is searching for the most effective ways to do so. There is simply no one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing although there are some tried and tested methods that you may want to consider.

1. The business card

Yes, we are living in a digital age and people look to the web for information but do not disregard the simple business card. It is still the quickest and most effective form of promotion. Imagine if you’re at an event and you meet a potential client. Chances are he will not remember your website address or mobile number at the end of the night and it isn’t very professional to scribble your details on a napkin. On the other hand, if you give him your business card, the likelihood of him calling you after the event is higher. So continue printing business cards because they are still useful and highly effective.

2. Your website

Every business should have a website. Create a clean, crisp and professional website that holds all the information your clients need. Your website will most likely be the first point of contact with a potential client so leave the best first impression possible. Your website should also include key words about your business so that people looking for your products and services can locate you easily.

3. Take advantage of social networking websites

Besides your business website, there are several social networking websites that you can use to promote your products and services. These include Facebook and Twitter. In 2009, Facebook recorded a 157 percent growth while Twitter grew by 1,382 percent. Imagine all the traffic your business will be exposed to if you use these websites! The best part is, signing up for an account on either website is free.

4. Print flyers and posters

Flyers can be used for sales or special promotions. They are a cheaper alternative to brochure printing and can be distributed in letterboxes or left at various shops. Posters are another great way to publicise your business. It takes advertising to your shop front so that people notice your business as they walk past your shop.

5. Get reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials support your credibility. Ask clients for regular feedback or get them to fill out survey cards. Be sure to use your customers’ names when you put up the testimonials because anonymous reviews don’t hold much punch.

6. Get listed

Last but not least, list your business in as many business directories as possible. This is the most basic method of business promotion and many people consult these publications when looking for products or services that they need. Some of these directories include Yellow Pages and White Pages. These directories have also gone online so be sure to include your business in their online directories.