7 Effective Promotional Materials for Restaurants

All businesses use promotional materials to market their products and services. Some businesses print stickers that contain their phone numbers while others put up large banners to draw attention to their stores.

If you own a restaurant but your name is not Jamie Oliver, chances are you will need to constantly come up with fresh ideas to draw people to your joint. Advertising alone may not be the best solution because it is expensive and there are millions of restaurants that people can choose to go to.

There are thousands of possible tactics that you can employ to promote your restaurant but here are 6 effective promotional materials that have worked for a number of restaurants.

1. Give away food samples

Everybody loves a freebie and when it comes to free food, most people will not say no. You can set up booths in the neighbourhood where your restaurant is located and give out free food samples. This gives you an opportunity to put your food into potential customers’ mouths. Giving away food samples is the best way to build recognition and it is more effective and far less expensive than advertising.

2. Frequent diner programmes

Instead of giving one time discounts, create a passport or something similar to reward loyal customers. Each time a guest spends a certain amount, stamp his passport and when he accumulates a certain number of stamps, reward him with a free meal or dessert. This way, the customer has an incentive to come back.

3. Sponsor an event

Volunteer to feed visitors at a community event or serve snacks at a charity fundraiser. Not only will you be able to show support to your community, scoring you some serious brownie points, you will also create awareness of your restaurant.

4. Think out of the box

Create monthly themes. If this month’s special is a fish pie, get the crew to dress up as pirates or fishermen. If dressing up is not your thing, then organise a cook-off or another unique contest. These events will get the restaurant some media coverage, creating exposure for your restaurant.

5. Birthday programmes

Most people will eat out on their birthday. This is an opportunity that you should take advantage of. A birthday programme can be executed through automated tools that are available through email marketing service providers. Simply key in the birthday and email addresses of your customers into the system and an email is sent to them at a time you determine in advance. Besides well wishes, the birthday email can have a discount code, which will encourage them to dine at your restaurant on their birthday.

6. Put the sign up

A sign never fails to capture the attention of your target market. Your sign doesn’t have to be elaborate but it has to be up. Better yet, make a trip to the nearest company that offers poster printing and get hold of large posters to promote your weekly specials. A sign and posters leave an impact and they tell customers what your restaurant offers.

7. Menus!

What restaurant doesn’t use menus! Whether its inside the Restaurant or handed out for take away menus are essential promotional tools.
Not only can menus be used for the obvious reasons – but they can be used to promote certain ‘nights’ or ‘in-house bands’ or ‘food theme nights’.

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