Six Ways to Turn Bookmarks into Effective Marketing Tools

If you’re looking for an effective, inexpensive way to market your business, you should consider printing a stack of bookmarks. Small and inexpensive to print, the key benefit of the bookmark is that it’s something that people tend to use for long periods of time, and see often… Every time they open their book, in fact.

That is, of course, if you make a great bookmark (for some ideas about what a bookmark should look and feel like, click here). If your bookmark isn’t something aesthetically pleasing that people want to use, then they won’t, so bookmarks do need to be a case of putting the aesthetics and design elements first.

But what can you do with a bookmark?

Assuming that you’ve produced a brilliant, eye catching bookmark, the next trick is to figure out how to get it into your customers’ hands. And, specifically, the right people – the kind of people that will find a use for a bookmark and keep it around with them. The good news is that effective distribution of bookmarks is almost as simple as designing them.

1. Go to where the books are!

It sounds like such a simple idea, and yet it’s the most effective; the best way to make sure a bookmark will be appreciated and used is to make sure the person that is receiving it is a reader. One option might be to approach your local libraries and bookstores, and ask if you can leave a pile of bookmarks with them (or, in the case of a store, if they can include a bookmark with a purchase). You might need to pay a small fee for the privilege, but you can be sure that your audiences in those establishments will be captive.

Other options might be to approach schools, universities, TAFEs, book clubs and newsagents.

2. Make part of the bookmark the ticket to an event

If you include a small tearable section onto the bookmark, to act as a ticket (or use a QR code to make the bookmark a scannable e-ticket), then you can be sure that whoever’s going to the event will keep the bookmark with them… at least until they’ve been to the event. Do some research and find events that are related to your brand, and then see if the organiser would be interested in some kind of partnership around the ticketing.

3. Make the bookmark your business card

A standard business card is a bit bulky to use as a bookmark, but then standard business cards are out of vogue anyway. A thinner, longer business card that can also double as a bookmark is an ideal way to introduce yourself to a new client or partner… and gives them a secondary reason to keep your card with them.

4. Use the bookmark as a gift

Sometimes a small token of appreciation can go a long way; when sending out the Christmas cards to clients and partners, include a bookmark with it. It’s your opportunity to be really creative and make something beautiful (after all, it’s gift first, branding second), but with some subtle branding woven into the art, your clients will appreciate the thought and goodwill well beyond the silly season.

5. Make them part of a charity drive

Charity is often easier when you get something in return. Because it’s cheap to print bookmarks, you can mark them up 50 percent and provide them to a school or local charity fundraising drive. That way, not only will you be giving back to the community, but you’ll also be delivering your brand’s message to people. They’ll remember your goodwill and participation every time they pick up the book that they’re reading.

6. Make the bookmark your newsletter

Rather than print out newsletters and send them out, without having any idea of how well-read they are, instead, use a bookmark! By including a QR code or short web address on the bookmark (use to shorten the website address), you can instead host your newsletter online, and then get data on how many customers are reading and interacting with it via the web traffic numbers. People are more likely to respond to a CTA on something high quality like a bookmark, and if you get creative with the designs each month, you can have something that clients look forward to receiving in the mail.

Remember that with bookmarks, the design is crucial; it needs to be both beautiful and entertaining. Additionally, make sure you use heavy card stock and laminate the book if you want it to be something that truly lasts.

Using bookmarks for the benefit of your business

Now that you have a plethora of amazing ideas that you could potentially use for your business, you might need some help printing the bookmarks. This is where we come in! MVP PRINT are the go-to professionals for all your printing needs. Contact us today for more information.