Creating Event Specific Business Cards

One of the most important things you need to do to market your business is to find creative ways to get attention, and a fantastic way to turn a few heads at those important occasions is to come armed with business cards designed specifically for the event. The following are some of the big considerations when it comes to creating business cards designed to suit specific events.

Why go to an Event with Business Cards?

Show your style with Flashy Cards

Creating event-specific cards is a wonderful way to show your business’s style, which is particularly important if you are in one of the more creative industries, or even if your business is the one putting on the event. Having a business card of a different style to your regular one can be a great way to show your business is more than one dimensional, which can be an extremely effective way of providing a boost to your brand.

Tap into the hype with relevant and fresh Cards

Some events have so much hype surrounding them that all you need to do is jump on board to score your business a huge amount of attention, and having an event-specific business card can be a simple and effective way to tap into the hype. Whether you are looking to promote your business at a seasonal event such as Christmas or Halloween or at an annual sporting event like the AFL Grand Final, show that your business is excited about the event with a business card designed to suit.

How do I design my Business Cards accordingly ?

Match the style of the event

If you are going to go to all the trouble of creating an event-specific business card, you need to make it extremely obvious that you have done so, and the best way of doing this is to try and match the style of your card to the event. There will often be a colour scheme for most events, so start by using the same colours for your business card printing. Whether the event has a humorous, casual or professional vibe, your cards need to match the mood and style of the event to be effective.

Keep cards for annual events

Instead of investing in new cards for the same event every year, save any of those cards you have left over to use again at next year’s version of that annual event, especially if you are happy with the way they look. While you may want to change up your event specific cards for those annual events every once in awhile, going with the same cards for a few years in a row can mean you are able to invest in higher-quality business card printing services when you do have new cards made up.

Which Events should I promote with Business Cards ?

Target the biggest events

Making specific business cards for every single event will get extremely expensive, so if you want to have special cards made up, stick to the biggest events, because there will be more hype and more people, meaning you get better value for your efforts. Rather than waste your time and effort on specific business cards for every little event, save your energy and resources and target the big events instead.

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