Professional Business Cards and Your Corporate Image

Among the most important printed material that a business can have is the business card. Why are they important? Because business cards are what you hand out to potential customers. In fact, that business card you give to someone may be the very first impression that they get of your business. In that case, don’t you think it should be a good impression?

Making a Good Impression with your Business Card

To make a good impression, your business cards need to look as professional as possible. Let’s say a potential client/customer sits down and is going through a stack of business cards that he was given during a week’s time. Which card do you think will catch his eye? The one that looks crisp and fresh, with a clear font, interesting graphics, and an eye-catching colour? Or the rather grimy, dog-eared business card which has a fuzzy font, dull graphics, and a background colour that looks something like puce mixed with mint green? You got it right! Of course, a potential client will choose the nice, neat card, as it more accurately reflects the kind of business that he would rather associate himself with.

Printing a High-Quality Business Card

Handing out your business cards is a great deal like handing out little pieces of yourself. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get your business cards from a reputable business card printing service that prides itself on a job well done. MVP Print is a place just like that. They are a bit different from the types of printers where you must choose a design from the ones they have available. Fifteen people in your town alone could have the same business card design as you! MVP will custom design a card just for you, and not only will it look totally unlike anyone else’s business card, it will look extremely professional.

Normally, business cards that appear more professional than others are more expensive, because they are made with a high quality paper and take advantage of the special business card color printing such as the type that MVP Print has. Colour can add so much to a business card, but people often avoid it because they believe it will be a lot more expensive when they are buying cards in quantity. Not so at MVP Print!

You can get an online quote from MVP Print, so that you will know exactly how much your business cards will cost right from the start, and can make the decision about whether or not they will fit into the business budget. Prices start at $49 for 250 cards, and that is an incredible deal for cards of this quality! This includes colour, lamination, double sided cards, and a custom design – all for one price! It truly doesn’t get any better than this!

Custom Business Cards

Choosing a custom business card that no one else will have is a very good way for your business to stand out. As you want your cards to be an extension of you, and of the personality of the business, pay careful attention to all aspects of your card in order to make sure that it portrays your company – and you – in a good light.

Want to start designing the perfect, eye-catching business card? Be sure to contact us today at MVP Print. We are an Australian owned and operated company that provide premium quality printing services across the country with a fast turnaround. Don’t be afraid and push your career forward today!

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