Bookmark Printing Tips for Designing something Memorable


Printing on bookmarks helps promote your business. They are both fun and useful, reaching everyone who reads. Plus, they are used daily, putting your brand in front of people all the time. The key to designing a bookmark people will keep is in the design. Ensure your logo or main message is seen at the top of the bookmark and extend the design to the full bleed size to avoid white edges. This part is crucial because it sticks out of the book. Make sure the design is simple and attractive. Customers prefer bookmarks that are easy to understand. Try unique shapes and sizes to grab attention. Put your business details on the back. The front should focus on looking good. Use bright colours and eye-catching designs. Ensure you use high-quality images and that they are properly formatted to avoid issues like cropping or shadows. This will add personality to your product.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure your logo or key message is visible at the top of the bookmark
  • Keep the design simple and aesthetically pleasing
  • Experiment with fun, creative shapes and sizes to make your bookmark stand out
  • Provide your business contact information on the back, but leave the front for visual impact
  • Use bold colours, art, and graphic design to give your bookmark character and make it visually dynamic

The Importance of Bookmarks

Bookmarks are key for marking a reader’s spot in a book. They prevent the hassle of finding your page again. By using bookmarks, readers avoid ruining their books by folding pages or using scraps of paper.

Keeping Track of Progress

For those reading multiple books, bookmarks are a lifesaver. They help quickly find where you stopped. Avid readers find bookmarks essential for staying organised and enjoying their books.

Preserving Book Quality

Choosing book-marks over damaging habits helps books stay in good shape. It’s a must for those who adore their book collection. Their reading experience is better with well-preserved books.

Enhancing the Reading Experience

Bookmarks aren’t just useful; they make finding favorite parts simple. This is great for younger readers looking to re-read or learn from a book. It boosts their reading habit and makes it more enjoyable.

Adding personal photos to book-marks can make the reading experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Bookmark Printing Techniques


To make book-marks that catch the eye, use creative design. You can make them special by using unique shapes or embossing effects. This adds texture and interest. Also, choosing bright colors and strong contrasts grabs people’s attention.

Die-cut Shapes and Embossing

Die-cutting lets you create interesting shapes and patterns on your book-marks. This makes them unique and appealing. You can also use embossing to make designs stick out, giving a nice touch to the bookmark.

Vibrant Colors and Contrasting Combinations

With full-color printing, businesses can pick colors that match their brand. Or they can try new combinations to make their bookmarks unique. For smaller print runs, they can use spot color printing. This keeps their brand look consistent at a lower cost. Additionally, businesses have the option to upload custom designs for personalized bookmarks, making the process of customizing and printing even more convenient.

Tassels, Ribbons, and Foil Stamping

Adding special details like tassels, ribbons, or foil stampings makes book-marks look better. Foil stamping adds a shiny, metallic finish in colors like gold or silver. This makes the bookmark look sophisticated.

By using these methods, you can make custom bookmarks that do more than mark a page. They also help your business or brand look good.

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials for a high-quality product like custom bookmarks is key. Card stock stands out as a durable choice. It comes in various thicknesses, like 80 lb (120 gsm) to 120 lb (200 gsm) or more. This makes it a strong foundation for your unique book-mark designs.

Card stock

Card stock is versatile and both tough and beautiful. It keeps bookmarks in shape and prevents damage. This means your bookmark remains reliable, even with everyday use.

High-quality card stock can handle a lot without losing its look. This makes it great for bookmarks used often.


Laminate for printing

Laminated book-marks are great for extra protection. A thin layer of plastic shields them from moisture and dirt. This keeps them looking new for longer.

Recycled Paper

10% Recycled for sustainable printing

Recycled paper appeals to those who care about the planet. It gives bookmarks a special, textured look and shows eco-friendliness. Using recycled paper supports the need for greener products.

Your choice depends on what matters most. Do you want durability, looks, or to be eco-friendly? Whether it’s classic card stock, laminated, or recycled paper, each choice makes your book-mark special. It becomes a lasting and functional reading tool.


Bookmarks are essential for readers. They mark where you left off in a book. This keeps your book safe and your place secure. You can choose from many sizes, shapes, and materials to match your style.

If you love reading or just do it sometimes, a good book-mark matters a lot. You can pick a simple paper one or try something new like a magnetic or digital bookmark. There are lots of options to fit your personal taste and needs.

What’s cool about book-marks is how many choices you have. They’re made from tough card stock, stylish leather, or even metal. Some are even custom-made, showing off what you like. Your bookmark can stand for who you are.

Every book-mark helps you keep your spot in a book. They add to the joy of reading. With so many out there, it’s fun to choose one that’s just right for you. Happy bookmark hunting!

Designing for Maximum Impact


When you design bookmarks, remember to keep it simple and attractive. A bookmark that’s too wordy or messy won’t be loved by many. Instead, use bright colours, cool pictures, or amazing art to catch the eye.

Keep it Simple

Good bookmark design is about simplicity. Don’t pack it with lots of words or busy patterns. Let the important things, like your brand’s logo, shine. This approach makes your book-mark look clean and classy, making people want to use it.

Incorporate Visuals

The look of your bookmark is super important. Use lively colours, cool graphics, or awesome art. These features will make your bookmark both striking and memorable, helping people remember your brand.

Note: Proper image cropping and design considerations are crucial to ensure your personalized leather bookmark looks its best.

Add Personalized Text

Adding a personal touch can make your bookmarks really special. Think about adding the book’s title or a favourite quote. This makes a deep connection with the reader, making them love and use your bookmark more.

Branding with Bookmarks


Bookmarks are a great way to build your brand. When you give out custom-printed bookmarks, people see your brand often. Every time they use it, they think of your brand in a positive way.

Ongoing Brand Recognition

Having branded bookmarks means your company is always on people’s minds. They see your logo or contact details regularly. This makes your brand stand out when they need something you offer. Customers can reach out with any questions about custom bookmark designs.

Associating with Pleasurable Activities

Designing bookmarks that look good and work well can leave a good impression. It makes reading a book more enjoyable. This makes people enjoy your brand more, making a link between your brand and fun.

Bookmark Sizes and Shapes

Bookmarks come in many sizes and shapes for different tastes and uses. The most popular bookmark is around 50mm wide and 150 -200mm long. This size is great for marking spots in books and magazines.

These usual bookmarks are handy and can fit a lot of cool designs, logos, or your name.

Mini Bookmarks

Mini bookmarks are much smaller, about 1 inch wide and 100 – 130mm long. They are used in tiny books or for giving out as promotions. Their small size makes them good for a quick look or for marking a place without being too noticeable.

Large Bookmarks

On the other hand, some bookmarks are big, up to 75 – 100mm wide and 130 – 305mm long. They have more space for art, quotes, or extra info. Large bookmarks work well in big books or with educational materials, adding to the reading experience.

Choosing the right size bookmark depends on how it will be used and what people want.

Online Bookmark Printing

Bookmark Printing

Printing book-marks online is easy and efficient. You can create your own bookmarks with various customization options. This lets you make bookmarks that fit your style. With quick turnaround times, you’ll get your unique bookmarks fast.

High-Quality Printing

Online printing uses the latest technology for the best results. You get book-marks that are clear and precise. They are also made to last, making it a great choice for anyone who wants quality bookmarks for their needs.

Custom Photos Bookmarks

Take your reading to the next level with custom photo book-marks. They show your favourite memories. Bookmarks like these don’t just do a job, they make your books more personal. They’re made from strong materials like top-notch paper, plastic, or vinyl. So, your custom photo book-marks will look good even after lots of use. The quality and design of these book-marks are comparable to high-quality cards, ensuring they meet your expectations.

Durable Materials

Choosing tough materials for custom photo book-marks is key. Book-marks need to stay looking good with everyday use. With premium papers and other strong materials, your book-marks will be both useful and pretty.

Minimalistic Design

Custom photo book-marks are beautiful because they are simple. They focus on the gorgeous photo or image. There’s no need for a lot of words or design. This makes your bookmark fit well with your book, letting your special memories shine.

Texture and Finish

Make your custom photo book-marks even better with the right texture and finish. Adding a subtle touch, like an embossed pattern or a matte finish, makes it interesting. You can also pick between glossy or satin finishes. This shows off the great design and quality of your book-marks.

Promotional Gift Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great for promoting businesses and brands. You can make them with your company’s logo and info. Customers will use them often, helping to increase brand recognition. They also connect your brand with the joy of reading.

You can hand out custom bookmarks at events or in direct mail. This helps advertise your business. Bookmarks also keep books in good condition, as they stop the pages from bending. They come in many designs and materials to match your brand’s look.

Online printing makes it easy to get your book-marks ready fast. They ensure your bookmarks look great and last long. Plus, there’s a huge selection of promotional products to choose from. And you’ll get the best prices, allowing you to efficiently promote your brand.


Creating great bookmarks means thinking about a lot of things. This includes how they look, what they’re made from, and how they show your brand. If you use the advice in this article, you’ll make a product that people remember. They won’t just be useful; they’ll be memorable too.

Maybe you want to push your business, give a cool gift, or make reading better. Design is a key way to do this. By picking the best visuals, text, materials, and sizes, your promo will really stand out. Every choice you make helps it work and look better.

For the best results, keep it simple, focus on quality, and make sure it represents your brand. Good book-marks are not just handy for readers. They also spread the word about your business. So, dive into the advice on design in this article. Then, get ready to make book-marks that everyone loves.


What are the benefits of using bookmarks?

Bookmarks are handy for tracking where you are in a book. They let you keep your spot without harming your book. This makes reading more enjoyable while protecting the book.

What design techniques can be used to create eye-catching bookmarks?

Eye-catching book-marks stand out because of their unique shapes or bright colours. You might see ones with cool shapes, shiny effects, or even a tassel. These things make the bookmark fun to look at.

What materials are commonly used for custom bookmarks?

Materials for bookmarks range from basic card stock to fancy, textured papers. You can also find ones made from laminated or recycled materials. Each choice affects the look and feel of the bookmark.

How can bookmarks be used for branding and marketing purposes?

Custom book-marks can help promote your brand every time someone reads. By giving out bookmarks with your logo, people see your brand often. This connects your brand with the joy of reading.

What are the different sizes and shapes of book-marks available?

Book-marks vary in size from the common 50mm x 175 – 200mm size to as small as 25mm x 100x127mm. You can also get really big bookmarks, up to 75 -100mm wide and 130-300mm long.

What are the benefits of using online book-mark printing services?

Online printing allows for easy and custom book-mark creation. You can choose each detail to match your style. Plus, they are quick to make and high quality.

How can I design memorable custom photo book-marks?

For memorable photo book-marks, focus on quality and simplicity. Choose durable materials and a design that lets the photo shine. Adding texture and a nice finish makes it special to touch.