8 Tips for Improving Customer Relations

Your customers are the most important part of your business. It goes without saying that without them there would be no sales and nobody to advertise to. As such, it makes sense to make them as comfortable as possible. Customer relations is the way in which you interact with your clientele, and it could always stand to be improved, so here’s ways to improve customer relations in your business.

1. Be open and transparent

Ensure that you have policies and philosophies in place when it comes to how your staff treat your customers. Part of staff training should include how they are to greet and deal with customers as a standard.

2. Be helpful

Your customers may need to know where they stand on your policies or methods so printing posters or brochures explaining how to order, return policies and other essential information that may not be obvious is a good idea.

3. Loyalty programmes

A simple business card with spaces for ten stamps and offering a reward is the easiest and cheapest way of retaining customer loyalty. By doing this or something similar you improve customer relations by coming across as someone who cares about your customers.

4. Customer database

Collecting details from your customers and adding it to a database (with their permission, of course) means you can see their patterns of spending and offer them deals when something that may interest them comes up. You can even send them a birthday card!

5. Solve problems efficiently and effectively

Problems are bound to happen; customers will occasionally walk away unsatisfied. Try and eliminate any problems fast and effectively. Offer customers their money back, a greater discount next time or a free gift. Apologising is human, and being honest about a mistake will endear you to your customers all the more.

6. Listen to your customers and staff

Your staff are the interface for your business and will know intimately certain things that you may have overlooked. Similarly, your most loyal customers will have valuable insights and ideas into what they want from your business. Consider having a get-together night with you and your customers and staff. Let them tell you about the business and take on board suggestions from them. This will show that you value your customers.

7. Keep with the times

Try out new technologies and ways of selling. Have an online presence with a website and profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Customers are coming to expect it of companies now and you don’t want to be left behind.

8. Follow up your sales

Next time you see a regular customer, try and remember what they bought last time and ask them about it. The information you can gather in your head about your customers is the most valuable part of customer relations and impresses your customers to no end.

Without customer relations each shopping experience or transaction would be a boring monotony. Breaking up someone’s day by being friendly, open and creating an atmosphere that is somewhere they will want to be does wonders for their attitude, which in turn does wonders for your sales.

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