5 Promotional Tools for Your Business

Business cards 

Whatever line of business you are in, networking is as important as ever. Remember, first impressions count so yours needs to be impressive.

Make sure you are always smartly dressed and well presented, and use a professional business card printing service to ensure that the good impression remains when your meeting is over.

Carry your business cards at all times and be on the lookout for opportunities to develop new clients. You never know when the chance will present itself so you have to be ready all the time. 

Social media 

In recent years the increasing impact of social media marketing has been remarkable. Tools such as facebook, twitter and youtube offer great opportunities for small businesses to promote themselves, thanks to their minimal financial requirements.

Don’t imagine for a moment, however, that social media is a second rate option, simply because it is inexpensive. You only have to look at campaigns by international giants such as Coca Cola, to see that social media marketing is the real thing.

So, whatever the size of your business, whatever your marketing budget, if you don’t already know much about social media, it is probably about time you learned. 


Perhaps the most important promotional tool of all is your company website. Modern customers expect to be able to research a business online before they make any financial commitment and if your website isn’t up to scratch or, worse still, you don’t have a website at all, they will soon move on to one of your competitors.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be a web design genius or spend huge sums of money to get it right. Keep it simple and avoid slowing the site down with complicated features and your customers will be happy.

As long as your website is cleanly designed and, above all, functions smoothly you will be well on your way to success. 

Brochures and booklets 

As important as electronic media are these days, don’t lose sight of the impact that the printed word can have. Giving potential customers something tangible to hold onto, look at and refer back to increases the chances of your promotional material making a long-term impact.

Use a professional company for your brochure or booklet printing in order to ensure high quality and consistent results. 


A great way of getting your company known to the public is to produce free giveaway items that are printed with your logo and other branding. These items don’t need to be very sophisticated or expensive; as long as people don’t have to pay for them, they will tend to be very interested.

Popular promotional giveaways include pens, baseball caps, bags and calendars. Choose something that you feel best reflects your business and include it in your next marketing campaign.