Choosing the right Business Card style for your Profession

Even in today’s high tech world, there are few tools in business more important and effective than a good business card, because whether you are trying to make a connection or direct a potential client to your website, your business card can play an extremely important role. The following is a look at a few things to keep in mind when you are planning your business card printing and design.

Be consistent

Your business card should help to convey the same style and look you have already for your business. If your business style is conservative and professional, then your business card should be as well. Alternatively, if the style of your business is a little more brash and bold, don’t be shy when it comes to your business card design. Often, all a potential customer will know about your business is what they can find out from your business card, so don’t miss an important opportunity to reinforce your business look, style and brand, as well as win over a few more new customers.

Don’t offend anyone

Few businesses can afford to be losing any customers, so regardless of the type of business you are in, try to avoid offending anyone with your business cards. Make sure your card isn’t racist, sexist, homophobic, or that it may in any other way possibly offend anyone, because otherwise it will spread bad publicity for your business.

Show your skills

If your business is in one of the more creative industries, such as design, art or architecture, your business card is a great place to get some attention, and to offer a taste of the skills and talent you and your business can offer. In order to impress those looking for creative help you need to make an impact, so only use the best business card printing services and highest quality paper, and ensure that your design is turning heads. Otherwise, your business doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Back up your claims

Whether your business wants to be seen as environmentally friendly, high tech or known for its simplicity, your business card should incorporate as many of these touted qualities of yours as possible. Whether you have your cards printed on recycled paper, have a QR code linking users to your website, or include your business details in Braille, your business card should show that your business is the real deal.

Don’t be cheap

Whatever you decide to go with for your business card design, make sure you are having a quality product made up, because a cheap looking business card will be hurting more than helping your business. Even if it means having a few less cards made up, make sure they are awesome, because a good business card alone can bring in a lot of business.

Once you have found that perfect design and had your cards made up, don’t be shy, and make sure that you are handing them out in a proactive and strategic manner, because your cards won’t be doing your business any good if they are left sitting on your desk or in your wallet.

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