Business Stationery and how it Contributes to your Brand

Web marketing is a powerful way to expand your brand, but it doesn’t replace the need for customised stationery for professionalism, authenticity, and market presence. Customers still expect a professional business to send a letter with the company logo on both the letterhead and envelope. Professional business stationery shows that you care how your company is presented in the marketplace. It gives your business a professional identity, and can be an effective marketing tool to attract new clients. 

Company image Customised envelopes and letterheads are the first thing your customers will notice when they receive your correspondence, so it’s important that you project an image that is professional and worthy of their business. This follows through to all your company branding, be it your business cards, invoice books, with compliments slips, brochures, or contract proposals. Consistency across your brand gives you an edge over competitors who overlook the minor aspects of business. It’s often these minor aspects that customers use to help them to decide which company to do business with. A professional approach to your own company image infers that you’ll apply that same pride to the goods and services that you provide to your customers. 

Existing customers Using the same colours, images and voice across all your branding helps your brand become more familiar to your customers. You should have printed stationery for all communication that leaves your business, including:

Gaining new customers As well as presenting your company as professional to your existing customers, branded stationery can be a powerful way to promote your company in the marketplace. Pens, notepads, newsletters, postcards, and bookmarks are all effective tools in promoting your brand. When your branded pens and notepads are shared amongst friends, they’re often seen as a personal endorsement of your company. Newsletters can give a company an image of authority, as well as providing a document that may be shared or kept as a reference. Attractive or entertaining postcards and bookmarks with your logo on them are also an effective way to make customers feel good about your brand, and are popular in cafes and waiting rooms. Branded calendars keep your logo in your customer’s view all year long, and they’re often hung where new potential customers will see them too. 

Part of the big picture Successful businesses recognise that today’s consumers expect a professional image online and offline. Professional business stationery is more important than ever, even for web-based businesses, because it presents a bricks and mortar authenticity to digital marketing. The key is to maintain consistent branding across all your digital content, especially your emails, web pages, apps, and social media pages. Include your digital address on your printed communication and your physical address on digital communication so that customers can respond to your communication in the way that suits them best. Web communication doesn’t negate the end of printed communication; businesses wanting to be seen as  professional, authentic and relevant in today’s market should have a complete range of branded stationery on hand for every communication need.

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