The 9 Best Ways to Use Logos on your Stationery

The more eye-catching a logo, the better the chances of people remembering it. A carefully designed Stationery letterhead with the logo in a prominent place is a sure fired success and will stand out prominently as soon as your customer has received the letter. There is much to think about in letterhead printing with not only the placement of your logo but the use of other design tools.

Find a reputable printing company either locally or through the internet and have them show you existing designs and logo uses. The printers can help with graphics and choices of colours.

Here are nine different ideas for using your logo.

1. Placement

It is important to think about where the logo will be placed. If you have seen the stationery that your competitors use aim for something different to the rivals so your design stands out as an original concept.

2. Bold colours

Take advantage of all the different colours available and go for bold tones. If your existing logo has pale shades look at contrasting colours for the background or surrounds to highlight your image.

3. Striking designs

Graphic designers have spent years studying and perfecting their craft, so take their ideas on board and let them produce a striking design for you. Most printing companies will either have designers on staff.

4. Left or right margin

Using the logo in the left margin can work well if it is aligned with other details. The right margin would normally be left for the content of the letter but this doesn’t mean you have to stick with tradition. The use of a solid border could be printed as a guide for the typist. This theme could be continued for use with your business cards printing.

5. Top or bottom

Some letterheads have the company details across the top with the logo placed in a bottom margin and others are the very opposite. Experiment with a blank sheet of paper and see which works best given the amount of detail you want to include.

6. Centred or cornered

Protocols for letterheads were set many years ago but are continually changing. Fifty years ago, having the company details centred across the top was an accepted standard. In recent years with the introduction of electronically produced designs the choices have increased.

7. Embossed look

Having the logo embossed will give a finish that says style and sophistication.

8. Large font

Using large font for letters and other characters will help your logo to become a recognised feature of your company.

10. Contrasting backgrounds

The variety of paper available for letterheads ranges from light weight matt finish to thick and glossy. If the paper has a contrasting colour to your logo this will help to highlight the design.

Logos can be used on any printed material used in the operations of your business, for letterheads and envelopes and internal use note and memo pads. Once you have decided on the design for using your logo on your letterhead, carry the theme through to all your stationery lines.

In order to make the most out of your next stationery campaign, speak to the team at MVP Print today.