Why Professional Letterhead Printing is Essential for your Business

A smart, clean looking letterhead is an essential part of any business, be it large or small. Letterhead Printing forms the header at the top of a letter, highlighting the company logo and name of the company.

Often, it will also include the postal address and contact details. A letterhead gives brand awareness to invoices, personalised letters, correspondence, letters of introduction, contracts and other documentation.

By creating a professional looking letterhead, clients and vendors build up recognition of your brand. Your brand becomes the stand out piece of information and helps your business appear established and credible.

Starting your documentation with a letterhead gives the document authority and the text weight. A letterhead gives backing to your brand, reinforcing your message. If you are a service offering luxurious and ornate products, your letterhead should reflect this.

If your business is to keep up to date with the latest trends and be innovative, your letterhead printing should be sleek and interesting. A successful letterhead sums up your business. So how do you create a good letterhead?

A good letterhead comes down to its simplicity. It should be easy to read and the company name instantly recognisable.

Your letterhead should include:

  • Company name – This should be clearly displayed if your logo is an abbreviation.
  • Contact details – Clients and vendorsshould be able to reach you simply by looking at your letterhead.
  • No more than two fonts – In order for your letterhead to be kept simple it should contain no more than two fonts. When choosing fonts, make sure they reflect your brand image.
  • Company colours – If you are a niche business that uses colour to express it’s brand, include these colours in your letterhead. If for example you are a dating agency, the colour red reminds people of love.

Digital letterheads Vs Letterhead Printing

Choosing between a digital or printed letterhead can depend on the type of business you are and the level of printed matter you send out. If credibility and professionalism is one of your most important assets, nothing looks more professional than printed letterheads.

Printed letterheads look sophisticated and elegant and appear more polished than digital letterheads. If your business sends lots of printed matter, a professionally printed letterhead is always best. That being said, they can be expensive and once you have them printed there is no turning back. Should you move your office or change your logo, your printed letterheads are headed straight for the recycling bin. If you don’t send printed matter often, a digital file can be the better option.

For eco-friendly businesses, sending documents via email is important and will be appreciated by recipients. Digital letterheads are fantastic in that they can be attached to an email or printed as and when you need it. Just don’t expect a digital file to look as good when printed on a home printer. Another thing to look at when determining what letterhead to go for is to take a look at your clients. If your client is not particularly tech savvy, they would most likely appreciate professional letterhead printing.

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