Why Print Advertising Offers a Good ROI

Print Advertising versus Internet based Advertising. While many businesses are incorporating Internet-based advertising in their marketing strategy, there are still a number of strong justifications for using print advertising. Print advertising is cost-effective and it can be used to focus a marketing message and target specific markets. Here are some reasons why print advertising offers a good ROI.

Focused messages

Brochures, flyers and posters are excellent tools for transmitting valuable information and focused messages to target markets. Posters, for example, can be designed to deliver a highly focused message that immediately gets to the point. A focused message enables organisations to grab attention and engage with readers quickly.

Targeting audiences

Flyers and brochures could offer a good ROI as they can be distributed to highly targeted market segments or audiences. Organisations can target a specific geographic area or send mail outs to an established mailing list.


Printed materials such as flyers and brochures can be designed to deliver a unique message. Colours, graphics and photos can be used to highlight the message more effectively than electronic materials. The tangible nature of printing materials can enhance the marketing message.

Low-cost channel

Printed materials are inexpensive and offer a low-cost channel for distributing marketing and advertising messages. Printing in bulk can also result in additional cost savings through discounts. Source: click here

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