Why Flyer Printing is an Underrated Form of Marketing

It’s safe to say that most marketers think flyer printing is an outdated and a waste of paper and resources. But this is not strictly the case. Sure, your business has several other marketing channels on the go, but nothing beats the efficiency and low-cost associated with distributing old-fashioned flyers. Whether you have a stash of brochures from your favourite restaurants attached to your fridge, or you can’t help but flick through the flyers you get in your ‘junk mail’, flyers are not going anywhere. So how can your business make the most of this resurging medium? And what information should you include on that small piece of glossy paper?

Flyer Printing is cost-effective

Like email marketing, flyers are cost-effective and are easy to distribute to large groups of people at once. But, with flyers proving to generate stronger leads, the small price for printing costs is inconsequential. Just because you are creating a flyer, doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to hand out thousands of it. In fact, by only handing out flyers to potential customers, you’ll not only avoid your flyers ending up in a bin seconds later, but the small investment you made into that single piece of paper is more likely to generate greater revenue. If, however, you are a local restaurant or a handyman, it may be a good idea to hire a distributor to place your flyers into mailboxes. This is a very economical way of getting your freshly printed brochure to your target market.

Flyers are made to last

Flyers are tangible and, as such, hold more weight than an email. Just think: how easy is it to delete an email? You don’t even have to look past the sender’s name before you delete it. Whereas, with flyers, the recipient will at least look at the front and back of it before researching further or disposing of it. The aim is to make one that is valuable enough to potential consumers that they hold onto it.

Greater circulation

Flyers are left around the house and even on the street. One flyer generally passes through a few people, whether by intentionally showing someone or, more likely, catching the eye of a passerby when left on the street or bus. Whereas, promotional emails are rarely forwarded to others, and if they are, it also runs the risk of being deleted promptly after reading the subject line. If you want to get your brand out there, particularly if it is new or has undergone dramatic changes, flyers are the way to go. Billboard advertising is too expensive for most small brands to afford, so your best options are promotional flyers or Facebook advertising: small financial output for a substantial return.

How to make your promotional flyer stand out

The key to making the most of your flyer is to make it stand out and to make it appear valuable to current and potential clients. So that, wherever you display or distribute your flyer printing, it will receive the response that you need.

Experiment with colour and design

Gone are the days of boring or garish flyer designs. With so many different design styles to choose from, there’s a perfect style for every product and brand. Whether you opt for something handwritten or chalkboard-inspired, or dark and moody, make sure it’s unique and speaks to your customer. Tip: Take to Pinterest to get ideas on how you can design and layout your flyer. Whether you are inspired by poster designs or wedding invitations, inspiration is inspiration!

Finding a balance between too much or too little information

With promotional flyers, you can opt to create a purely text-based informational brochure, or you can provide the bulk of the information through innovative infographics and images. Not only will keeping text to a minimum seem more attractive to people, but it will also force them to follow up certain points made in your flyer. If you outline everything a potential client could ever dream to know about your company in one flyer, why would they proceed to visit your website? Keep your information straightforward and pointed towards a certain outcome. Provide enough details to get a reader intrigued, but not too much that they lose interest.

Advertise an offer they can’t pass on

Passer-bys are always looking for a good deal and are more likely to hold onto your flyer if there is something at stake: a promotion. Whether you transform half of your flyer into a coupon (or multiple coupons), or you outline items on sale, you need to make the flyer seem more valuable than a mere piece of paper. This is the most important part of your flyer design: how can you transform this lead into a customer? A coupon or exclusive offer will do just that.

The power of print marketing

Regardless of the size of your business, or the reach of your existing marketing campaigns, developing flyers can significantly increase your customer base. So, design your flyer and MVP Print will take care of all your printing needs!