Promotional Benefits of Poster Printing

Posters can provide a form of promotional advertising at trade displays and exhibitions and large poster printing can be beneficial for more than decorating your own shop walls.

Transform your logo from the ordinary to eye-catching with bold colours and designs then see the results come to life. Apart from illustrations and other designs, photos can be enlarged and printed as a poster with a glossy finish to really catch the customers’ attention.

Jazzing up your corporate logo and incorporating contrasting colours will help to make your brand name stand out. There are several options for having your posters printed. You could create the design yourself on your own computer but this leaves little chance of producing anything larger than A3.

If you take the digital image to a local printer they have sizes ranging from A4 297 x 210 through to A0 841 x 1189 with different weights for the paper used. Similarly online printers offer the same various sizes and weights giving you a greater option for the final product.

Any type of promotional advertising is about being noticed and remembered. Colour poster printing takes the promotion to a higher level.

Use the poster to market your products with existing customers in your shopfront or for display in other places to entice prospective buyers to your store. The main benefit of using posters as opposed to other printing medium is the size but obviously this will limit the places available for exhibit.

While the outlay may seem expensive the volume of printing required will be much less than smaller works so you may be pleasantly surprised at the final costs compared with having flyers or brochures printed.

If you decide to use an online printer it is wise to check first exactly what is available. Get quotes and compare the finer details with different companies such as;

  • upfront as well as any additional costs, not all printers offer delivery for instance,
  • if you need a professional design make sure this is an option,
  • find out how long it will take before you can have a look at the first proofs,
  • make sure there is a guarantee before committing to any payment.

Using online printers can make the process of design and ordering the posters easy and convenient. The place you choose to exhibit the final posters will of course depend on the purpose of having the work designed and printed in the first place.

If they are to be used for inside your shopfront or waiting room it may be that you are simply giving people something to look at and photo posters may be the way to achieve this. Poster printing has come a long way with the use of special graphics and laser printers and may be well worth looking in to for your next promotion.