4 Advantage of Print Marketing for Small Businesses

The growth of Internet-based advertising has given rise to the idea that print is dead. This statement is completely untrue, as print marketing continues to offer unique advantages for businesses – particularly small businesses.

Adding print to the market mix can be cost-effective while still generating great response rates, according to From Push To Pull.

Cost effectiveness

Print advertising is often more affordable than believed. Today’s printing technologies have enabled commercial printing companies to offer competitive and affordable printing options to their clients when compared with rates that were offered a few years ago.

Targeted promotion

Print offers targeted or one-on-one promotional benefits. For example, sales staff member who meet directly with clients can complement presentations with brochures, cards or other print materials.

Special campaigns

Print materials can be highly effective when used to highlight products in special campaigns or offers. Tradeshows, pop-up stores, direct mail-outs and direct handouts are some examples of special promotions.

High-end products

High-end products or services often involve an extended decision-making stage. Visual and tangible print materials can facilitate the sales process while improving trust, credibility and value for the brand.

What now?

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