Drink Coaster Printing for Your Business – All the Benefits

Drink Coaster

The Custom printed drink coaster is a great option for showing off your business. They can be seen in places like bars, restaurants, and even offices. MVP Print in Australia makes these coasters from 390gsm eco-friendly board.

This eco-friendly choice shows your business cares about the planet. Plus, it keeps your brand out there all the time.

Adding your logo and colours to these coasters makes them stand out. They’re not just for stopping rings on tables. They also help people remember your brand. Companies like MVP Print in Australia make coasters that look good and work well.

Investing in these custom coasters can really pay off. They are a low-cost way to market your brand. For places like breweries, bars, and restaurants, full-colour custom beer coasters are perfect. You can print them with seasonal updates or special offers, making their design very flexible.

Enhanced Brand Recognition via Drink Coaster Printing

Custom coasters can help a brand get noticed more often. They are used in many places, meaning more chances for people to see the details of your brand. Every time someone lifts a drink, they see the coaster, making it a clever marketing tool.

Increased Exposure

Using custom coasters made from eco-friendly materials can really make your brand known. They are designed with your logo and colours, which draws attention. Whether in a bar or a restaurant, these coasters are not just for drinks; they get your brand noticed.

Brand Messaging

By designing unique coasters, brands can speak to their audience effectively. Colourful and thoughtful designs make a brand memorable. Using eco-friendly materials shows a brand cares about the planet too.

Customer Engagement

Personalised coasters can make customers think of your business more often. They see your branding while enjoying their drink. This can spark conversations and deeper connections, especially for businesses like breweries or cafes.

Investing in these coasters is a smart choice for brands. They are affordable, customisable, and reach many people. This makes them great for marketing and building brand recognition.

Cost Efficiency via Drink Coaster Printing

Drink Coaster

Custom printed coasters are a smart, money-saving way to market. They are cheap and perfect for getting your brand out there in Australia.

Low-Cost Marketing

Businesses love using custom coasters. They’re made of eco-friendly material that’s light on the budget. Places like breweries, bars, and restaurants use them a lot. That way, they get to keep promoting themselves without spending too much. The coasters have bright colours and the brand name, so they stick in people’s minds every time they see them.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Some think good marketing means spending a lot, but not with custom coasters. They offer big exposure for a small price. These coasters are visible in places with lots of people, like bars, making them super effective. Each time someone uses one, they remember the brand better, bringing more value. They help businesses stand out without costing a fortune.

Versatility in Design

Design flexibility gives businesses the power to create unique coasters. MVP Print uses the latest printing methods to add custom designs. This means your brand can shine on any coaster.

Customisation Options

Custom coasters are great for marketing. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick hexagons, squares, or the classic circle. Businesses use these to show off their brand. For events, they make coasters that match the theme perfectly.

Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal designs on coasters can really help a business. They’re perfect for special days like holidays. These coasters are great for summer or winter marketing. A well-designed coaster can grab customers’ attention beautifully.

Advanced Techniques for Drink Coaster Printing


Today, printing is more detailed and colourful than ever. Thanks to digital and UV printing, coasters look stunning. You can even add QR codes for an interactive touch. This makes coasters both pretty and engaging.

Such advanced designs mean coasters are not just for keeping drinks off tables. They work as eye-catching tools to promote your business. They leave a memorable mark on anyone who sees them.

Practicality and Utility

Custom printed drink coasters aren’t just for looks; they stop tables from getting stained and damaged. These coasters are made well, giving your table the protection it needs. Plus, they help spread the word about your business or message.

Coasters do more than you might think. They put your logo or message where everyone can see when someone picks up their drink. This quick look can stay in someone’s mind, which is great for marketing. It’s smart marketing with zero extra work.

Choosing MVP Print for your coaster product means quality that lasts. They not only look good but also protect your tables. So, businesses make a good move by using them to get their name out and keep their place looking good.

Sustainable Marketing

Today, using sustainable marketing is more important than ever. It can change how customers see a company, especially those who care about the environment

Eco-Friendly Drink Coaster Material

Eco Friendly

Sustainable Practices

MVP Print is leading in using green materials. They buy coaster board stock from managed forests (FSC Certified) This move impresses customers who look for sustainable choices.

Choosing the right materials is just the start. MVP Print also uses eco-friendly printing methods. They print with soy ink and use on-demand printing.

This not only lessens the business’s environmental impact but also follows green laws, making the world healthier.

They also make coasters that are easy to recycle. This step reduces waste and affirms their support for Earth’s health.

By staying eco-friendly, companies can win over more environment-loving customers. This builds a strong brand and helps Earth.

Expanding Your Reach via the Humble Drink Coaster

Custom printed drink coasters are a great way for businesses to share their brand widely. They use the special perks of coasters to go beyond the usual limits of advertising. This means more people get to know about the brand.

Corporate Use

Custom printed coasters work well for spreading the company’s brand in different places. They’re perfect for offices and meeting rooms, reminding everyone about the brand during work or social gatherings. They keep brand images fresh in the minds of both staff and guests.

Promotional Kits

Adding custom drink coasters to promotional packages can make a big difference in marketing. They’re great for boosting the impact of campaigns. Companies can make these coasters special, fitting into their bigger marketing plans, whether at a trade show or given to clients.

High-Traffic Areas

In bars, restaurants, and cafes, putting out custom coasters is smart advertising. Every time someone picks up a glass, they see the brand. This non-invasive kind of advertising increases brand recognition among a wide range of people.

Create Personalised Drink Coasters Online

Drink Coaster

In today’s world, creating brand materials is easier online. MVP Print lets you design custom coasters with its easy-to-use tools. This ensures your coasters fit your brand’s look perfectly.

“Online coaster design tools have changed how businesses handle branding. It’s easy to make marketing materials that keep your brand consistent and engaging.”

MVP Print combines digital tools with helpful customer features for a great experience. This includes knowing when your coasters will arrive and having various shipping choices. With easy pick-up and clear prices, it’s simple and effective to order online.

Social Media and Brand Visibility via Custom Drink Coaster Printing

Custom drink coasters can boost your brand on social media, especially those from MVP Print. They inspire interactive brand campaigns and let businesses join in consumer-generated branding. This significantly improves digital brand promotion.

User-Generated Content

Using custom coasters can encourage customers to post user-generated content. People often share photos of their drinks on Instagram when the coasters are unique. This includes cool circle coasters which not only get shared but also give the brand free advertising.

Hashtag Campaigns

Strategic hashtag campaigns can improve your social media marketing. By printing coasters with special hashtags, businesses can track and engage with their audience’s posts. These hashtags make a solid digital promotion strategy, strengthening the brand’s online presence.

Audience Engagement

Custom coasters can be used for interactive brand activities. For example, integrating QR codes on a set of coasters can introduce customers to cool promos or challenges. This approach not only increases visibility but also boosts customer satisfaction. The custom touch of these coasters shows the brand’s professionalism and deepens engagement with the audience.

In conclusion, MVP Print’s coasters are a smart and long-lasting way to improve brand visibility online. They work well for creating user content, running hashtag campaigns, and engaging the audience. These coasters are truly a versatile tool for boosting your brand digitally.


Custom drink coasters help businesses boost their brand. They enhance event vibes and stick in people’s minds. The use of eco-friendly materials shows a business’s green side.

They also work as great souvenirs, spreading your brand even further. Printing them with your logo or theme is an affordable marketing move. This makes them a wise choice for any company.

Custom coasters fit any occasion, from weddings to big conferences. Buying them in bulk quantity ensures they look the same and saves money. MVP Print in Australia makes coasters that are both practical and great for promotion.

In the end, custom coasters do more than protect tables; they help your business grow. Combining quality, eco-friendliness, and smart design boosts your brand in Australia’s busy market.


What are the benefits of custom drink coaster printing for my business?

Custom drink coaster printing boosts business branding. It makes your brand more visible and sends a strong marketing message. Coasters from companies like MVP Print are practical and match your brand’s goals. This helps your brand stay memorable wherever they’re used.

How can custom drink coasters enhance brand recognition?

Custom drink coasters boost brand recognition every time someone picks up their drink. They show off your logo and colours. This makes sure your brand sticks in people’s minds. It’s great for getting customers interested and remembering your brand.

Are custom coasters a cost-efficient marketing strategy?

Yes, custom coasters are a smart yet cheap way to promote your brand. They get your name out there and keep reminding people about your business. Plus, they’re much more affordable than other marketing tools but still offer eye-catching designs.

What design options are available for custom drink coasters?

There are many ways to design custom coasters for different occasions or seasons. Thanks to modern technologies, you can have full-colour designs. This lets your coasters fit any event or theme, making your marketing very flexible. It also sparks creativity in your branding.

How practical is a custom drink coaster as promotional items?

Custom coasters aren’t just for looks; they protect surfaces too. They stop stains and damage from drink rings. Because they’re so useful, they’re constantly in use, showing off your branding. Plus, they look good, which draws even more attention to your brand.

Are there sustainable marketing options for drink coasters?

Yes, MVP Print has eco-friendly options made from sustainably sourced coaster board. Using these shows your brand cares about the environment. It attracts customers who value eco-friendly products. This is a great way to promote your business and help the planet.

Can a Custom drink coaster help expand my brand’s reach?

Custom drink coasters can extend your brand’s reach. They’re perfect for giveaways, offices, or popular spots like trade shows… they act as a little sign, or billboard. Placing them strategically helps lift you brand to a new height. This boosts your brand’s awareness and memory among people.

How can I create a personalised drink coaster online?

MVP Print has a platform for designing your own drink coasters. You can add your own messages and pick suitable materials online. This helps keep your brand’s look consistent. You can also choose custom sizes to fit your needs.

Can a drink coaster boost my brand’s visibility on social media?

Yes, they can by encouraging online sharing. People often post about unique experiences, including your custom coasters. Using the right tags gets more people involved. This interaction spreads your brand online, making more people remember it.

Drink Coaster