How Business Cards make an Impact

Business cards remain one of the most important ways you can generate interest in your business by figuratively placing your business in front of as many possible customers as possible. If you were to stop and think about it, you would probably agree that these little cards are like a personal ad for your business!

That’s why MVP Print urges its customers to be unique as well as professional when choosing a business card layout. They suggest not settling for a card design that many other business have chosen, which happens on a daily basis with the “choose a design” business cards so many printers offer.

MVP Print will custom design your business cards for you, so you are assured of having a card that is truly your own. They take business card printing very seriously. Your business cards truly impact your business in many ways.

First of all, that little card communicates a message to everyone who picks it up. Don’t just take for granted what you have printed on your cards. You really need a card with a certain look and feel to it, as the design helps to determine how people view you just as much as what is written on the card.

Let’s say you meet someone in the airport between flights, and the two of you get into a conversation about your business. When your flight is called, you leave this gentleman with a handshake and your business card. Once you are gone, that card represents you to the man you conversed with. A week later, when he finds your business card in his wallet, what he sees on it will combine with what is in his memory about you.

Memories can be a bit hazy, your identity is what is on that card. So what kind of information should you place on a business card, since it is going to be your identification to the world? The name of your business, or of who you work for, should be prominently displayed. Next, your contact information, including email address, office telephone number, and your cell phone and home phone numbers if you feel comfortable including them.

You should also state your job title. Your business card should also say something about you as an individual. Not in a written sense, of course. There is hardly enough room on the card for that! But, you want it to create an overall image that is yours alone. Here are a few things for you to think about when you are deciding how you want your business card to appear to other people besides yourself.

  • The colour of your card should be planned as carefully as any other aspect. Each colour has its own meaning, which can help to define the image you are seeking.
  • The type of paper that you choose says a lot to other people about you. You definitely do not want to use a cheap paper! Choose a high quality paper, and remember that people love to write on business cards. Some card surfaces do not take too well to being written on, such as the shiny, slick card stock or the type with a metallic sheen.
  • Choose a font that is easy to read, and one that you feel represents you the best.
  • Believe it or not, how your card feels in the hand has a lot to do with how it represents you. Choose rounded corners and a paper with a sort feel if you want to show others a gentle and kind image. A structured, no-nonsense image needs a card stock that is crisp, a little hard, and features sharp corners.
  • Your card must be unique – unique enough to stand out among other cards! This is where the custom design expertise of MVP Print can help you out tremendously!

Their business card printing services specialise in unique designs, and their prices are some of the best you will find anywhere. Prices include GST, and delivery as well, and you can get an instant quote for your business cards right online. You can order online, too, after you have seen and approved your design via email.

MVP Print wants you to be happy with your printing job, and if the testimonials on their web site are any indication, you will be extremely pleased!