Custom Calendar Printing – Binding options and other tips !

Custom Calendar Printing

At MVP Print, we recognize that every project comes with its own unique needs. When you’re custom calendar printing, a crucial part of the process is choosing the right binding method to ensure your personalised calendars will look and function as intended. There are several different types of binding available, so it’s important to understand the differences between them in order to make the best decision for your Custom Calendar.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is a popular choice when it comes to calendar binding and is often used for smaller-sized formats such as pocket calendars or mini desk calendars. It involves folding sheets of paper into the center, with a different photo on each page, and securing them in place with staples. The staples are applied through the center fold of each sheet, creating a “saddle” shape that gives this method its name.

Cheapest option….

Businesses love Saddle Stitched Photo Calendars as they are (out of all our calendars) the most cost-effective of all Calendars in the Printing Process.

Wire binding

Wirebinding is another popular option used for calendar binding, especially when dealing with larger Custom Calendar. Printing. This method utilizes a wire comb that is precisely inserted into pre-punched holes and then closed for a clean finish. Wirebinding also allows your calendar to lay flat when opened, which can be beneficial in certain applications, such as when a calendar needs to be laid out on a table for use during meetings or events. Also great for hanging – a`wall calendar’ style.

Coil binding for Custom Calendar Printing

Coil binding your Calendar is similar to wire binding in that it uses a coil of plastic or metal to secure the pages together. The difference lies in the way that the binding is applied. Whereas with wire binding each hole needs to be pre-punched, with coil binding all you need to do is punch a continuous line of holes along one side and then insert the coil.

Different Colour Wires and Coils for Your Photo Calendar ?

Yes depending on your calendar design, we can have different colour wires and coils to match the colours of your logo or corporate identity. This way you can really make your calendar stand out from the rest! The most popular are black, white, and gold wires/coils but we do have a range of colours available upon request.

Perfect binding for Custom Calendar Printing

Perfect binding is another popular option when it comes to calendar binding and involves gluing the pages together along one edge and then applying a paper cover to give it a polished look. This method is usually used for larger projects and can be a great choice for keeping all the pages together without having to use staples or wires.

Desktop Custom Calendar Printing

At MVP Print, we offer a variety of options and various sizes for desktop calendars. Our desktop calendar printing services include both Wire. Coil and saddle-stitched options, each with its own unique style and advantages. Whether you’re looking for something simple to hang from your desk or a more luxurious gift item, our team can help you find the perfect desktop calendar solution.

Desktop Custom Calendar Printing

One-Page Wall Calendars – No Binding

We also have an array of one-page wall calendars available. These single-image printed calendar sheets can be used to hang on a wall without the need for any additional binding. They are ideal for those who are looking for something a little different, or who may not want the extra bulk of a bound calendar. Wall Calendars normally come hole drilled for easy hanging and with a variety of sizes to choose from. Most popular wall calendars are printed on 300gsm gloss paper stock and are generally either A3 or A2 Sized.

Fridge Calendars – No Binding

Another great option for people who are looking for something a little different is our Fridge Calendars. These calendars come with magnets attached to the back and can easily be hung on your fridge, giving you easy access to your important dates. We offer a wide selection of sizes and paper stocks that you can choose from when it comes to fridge calendars. They make for a fun, unique gift idea, and are one of the quickest printed Calendars to turnaround.

Fridge Custom Calendar Printing
The calendar pasted on the fridge. Close up.

Design tips When Designing your Custom Calendars

With Wire and Coil Binding, it’s important to keep any of your photos, text, logos or important information at least 10mm away from the bound edge. This will help keep the text from being cut off in the binding process. With One Page Wall and Fridge Calendars, it’s important to keep any of your photos, text, logos or important information at least 5mm away from the edges. This is to ensure that there is no cropping of the image during cutting.

What is Bleed? And How do I Custom Design to allow for this ?

Bleed is an extra 3mm that will be trimmed off the edge of your custom calendar. It is important to keep all vital information away from the edges so that your info and favourite images do not get cut off during trimming, however if you have any background images or colors, these can bleed off the edge and look great! For Custom Calendar Printing, just ask one of our friendly staff in the office to assist, and they can send you a bleed guide.

Bleed for Custom Calendar Priinting

What kind of File Format do I need to supply for Printing?

For calendar printing, you will need to provide us with high resolution PDF files at 300 DPI. This is necessary in order to ensure your custom design looks as beautiful as possible when printed. We accept AI, PSD and JPEG files but please make sure they are high resolution for the best quality.

Custom Calendar Printing Proofs

A good printer will proof your job, and advise if there are errors prior to print. Any Calendar Printer worth its salt will not print at less than the required resolution (unless you specifically OK it), or at the very least let you know your photos or any other Art you create is low resolution and won’t print well.

Dont be Shy – ask for help if needed ! If you do need help with designing your custom calendar, our experienced design team is for you. Just email or call and weve got your covered.

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