How Important is Your Logo or Brand Name in Promotional Materials?

Promotional materials have been used for many years as a way of capturing your customers’ attention. Having a logo that people associate with you and your products or services on sight will increase sales and attract potential customers. With many different options available from business card printing services to online printers, there is no reason these days not to promote your logo.

Promotion is all about getting your company recognised and the use of logos and brand names has seen tremendous success.

Printing need not be limited to business cards as the printers will also produce brochures and flyers all of which can incorporate your brand name. Professionally designed logos whether elaborate or simple will speak volumes. Basic design with the use of two colours seem to work exceptionally well.

The bigger name firms having been using logos or brand name marketing for years. Think about the logos that work such as —

  • Coca Cola – the name says it all
  • Nike – black and white, simple but effective
  • McDonalds – the famous golden arches
  • KFC – red and white striped bucket

All of the above companies use that same principle of basic design and two colours yet most people know what the logo stands for on sight. The McDonalds golden arches would have to be one of the simplest symbols ever produced yet even a child will react with great enthusiasm when passing one of those yellow letters on a red sign on the side of the road.

It is important to match your own carefully thought out logo and design with quality paper or card and a printing finish that boasts excellence. Even envelope printing can take on a whole new meaning if people know your brand and associate it with your products. It would be a shame to ruin that image by using flimsy paper or card and not taking that extra time to think about the use of different finishes such as the glossy look.

Exposure and association go a long way in advertising, but now through the use of promotional materials the target audience can be increased. Having a bold, eye catching logo is a good starting point for your promotional campaign. Be careful with the layout and consider the options for using professional graphic designers. Most printers offer this as part of the service.

One of the objectives of promotional advertising is to impress potential customers. From the first introduction and the handing over of the business card, your company is exposed to the public. Ensure your image is viewed favourably from the very beginning to guarantee a lasting business relationship.