Making Your Logo Prominent at a Trade Show

Trade shows can be fantastic for getting some exposure for your business, and one of the most important things you should be trying to do at a trade show is ensure your business logo is displayed prominently. The following is a look at some of the best ways to make sure your logo is well and truly seen at your next trade show.

Make a banner

A fantastic way to have your business logo stand out at a trade show is by investing in a large banner. Unless you happen to be a talented artist yourself, pay professional banner makers or large poster printing services to make up your banner for you, and make sure it is large enough that you can clearly decipher your logo. Above all else, make sure it looks amazing, because anything other than an awesome banner can risk making your business look ridiculous.

Your business cards are crucial

Your business cards are one of your most powerful weapons at a trade show, because apart from helping provide would-be customers with your contact information, your business cards can also promote your business brand and logo. Your business cards will need to be something special in order for them to stand out, so whether you have yours made up in full colour or with holograms on them, be sure to invest in quality business card printing services.

Get a gobo

The key to success at any trade show is finding a way to stand out, and you are guaranteed to do so if you turn up with your own gobo. A gobo is essentially just a stencil that can be used on a light source, allowing you to create a silhouette of any shape or design you like, including your business logo. You are guaranteed to impress at any trade show with a gobo logo, and the attention will create a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of your business.

Posters and leaflets

Trade shows can often be very busy places where it is difficult to spend much quality time with many people, making your printed materials more important than ever. Considering that a lot of people will just grab your printed information and run, it is essential that those posters, leaflets and flyers look good, and that you have your logo featured prominently on all of them. In many cases a poster or flyer will be the sole representative of your business to a potential customer, so make sure your printed literature leaves people impressed with your business.

Promotional gifts

Offering free promotional items is a great way to get your business some positive attention at a trade show, but only if you are giving out quality items — otherwise, you risk associating your business with low quality. If you have invested in quality items, make sure you have your business logo displayed prominently on each of them, because it is amazing how far and wide these items can end up being spread.

Location-based apps

A great way to stand out at your next trade show is by using location-based apps, as they can help you reach out to potential customers without having to personally engage each and every one. By embracing such a modern communication method and having your business logo turning up on mobile devices throughout the trade show venue, you are sure to create a buzz around your brand.

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