What Colour Should be on your Business Card

A business card is one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools a business has. A business card is your calling card – the way people portray you and remember you. A card should work hard for you and offer key information without being too cluttered to read. Font should be clear and professional looking, and colour should match any other product packaging or business stationery. It’s important that your brand has a unified image.

The things to consider when creating a business card:

First impression

A business card should include a stand out element that separates you from other business cards in your industry. You don’t want your card to be easily forgotten.


Don’t skimp on money when it comes to business cards. A quality printer will provide good paper stock, print that doesn’t bleed at the first sign of water and an embossed logo. A quality card shows you are a quality service.


Your business card should reveal the kind of business you are. It’s no good simply putting Joseph Smith on your card without revealing what industry Joseph is in. Whether through text or an image, it should be clear what service you are offering.


Give people a reason to give you a call by stating one way a customer can do business with you. For example: “Finding hundreds of homes for families since 1986”.


Size is important. Too big and it won’t fit into the business card holder in a wallet, and too small it will get lost.


You may be able to get in more text by using a smaller font but if it’s too small, potential customers won’t be able to read it.


How do you plan to get your card out to people?

As well as these considerations, it’s important to look at colour. Colour plays a very large part in the success of a business card and helps create a great first impression.

When choosing colour, it’s essential you understand the psychological meanings behind each colour. Certain colours work better than others and reflect professionalism while passing on a subconscious message.

Top Colours to choose:


A standard, safe, conservative colour, white is a popular choice for business stationery. White offers a blank canvas, meaning you can be as creative as you like with the card’s other elements. If you have a colourful and powerful logo, white can be a great option for making it pop.


If it’s power and seriousness you want to portray, black screams sophistication and elegance but also mystery and intimidation. In a wall of business cards, black stands out and adding silver, gold or white printing is impressive.


Reliable, responsible and conservative are the perceived traits associated with a blue business card. Blue suggests calmness and tranquility, promoting physical and mental relaxation. Light blue is soft and soothing – good for a counsellor; dark blue is a bit more authoritative – good for a lawyer.


If you want to instantly attract customers to your card and offer a fast service, red signifies you are confident in your abilities for speed and action. Just be careful not to let your business card reflect anger or aggression, which red sometimes can. A dark burgundy is the safest red colour to use.


Suggesting security, balance, wealth and growth, green is also a popular choice for environmental businesses and social workers. Green is associated with nature, health, and healing and suggests you are a nurturing spirit.


A stimulating orange colour sends a message that you are adventurous and exciting, as well as social and positive. Orange suggests you are in business because you love it and that your services are affordable and trustworthy.


Yellow relates to the logical mind but should be used sparingly. Ideal for journalists, entertainers, and networkers, yellow shows you are enthusiastic and bright.

Start designing your Business Card!

Now that you know what colours are the best for your business, it should now be much easier to design your business cards! Once you do, be sure to have the highest quality print and paper to ensure that the effect of your colour remains.

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