Why Professional Printing is a Great Idea

Professional Printing – with the proliferation of electronic communications, you might imagine that printing is becoming less important than it was previously. Couple this with the ever increasing availability of do it yourself printing options and it is easy to see why many businesses are deciding not to use professional printering.

This is usually a mistake however; whether you are looking to produce flyers and brochures or need help with business card printing there are many reasons why hiring an expert is a good idea. Here a just a few:


Probably the most common reason why businesses decide to do their printing themselves is the perception that it will save them money. Generally though this is a mistaken belief. Factors such as economies of scale and minimal wastage enable professional printing companies to offer extremely competitive pricing that will often be less than anything that you can achieve yourself. When you factor in all the employee costs of doing all your printing in house, the false economy becomes obvious.


Professional printers can save you more than just money. Their entire raison d’être is to provide printing services, so they will be geared up to respond immediately to any urgent requests. If you have an urgent printing project and you try to deal with it in house, you will find yourself competing with all manner other priorities in order to get it done. Moreover, specialists in any field are simply more efficient. Specialist printers spend their time improving and streamlining their processes, so you would be wise to take advantage of the effort they have put in — effort that you cannot possibly hope to match in house as your priorities will be rightly focused elsewhere on your core business activities.


The printed material produced by a company should reflect the company itself. Customers are strongly drawn to anything that suggests high quality and are equally put off by anything flimsy or unprofessional looking. Amateur printing has come a long way, but there is still no doubt that for really high quality results, a professional printer is the best option. Professional printers have access to the best materials and equipment. Coupled with specialised skills the results can be markedly different from even the best amateur printing.

Consistent results

In the unlikely event that you are able to achieve sufficiently high quality results with your in house printing, you still face a huge challenge. You need to do it again and again and again. Achieving consistent results is one of the most difficult challenges of all, but it is one that it is absolutely vital to meet. Customers will notice of your quality varies and it will create a very bad impression.

Prioritisation of resources

Unless your business is a big organisation with large enough printing needs to require a dedicated full time department, any in house printing will require a shuffling of resources. Whomever you entrust with the responsibility of handling a booklet printing project or producing brochures, will not be able to focus on their core role. Surely it is far better to outsource this task and let your employees concentrate on the key profit making areas of your business.

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