Printing Brochures for Real Estate: Tips for A1 Marketing Materials

Printing Brochures Real Estate

In the changing world of Real Estate, effective marketing plays a vital role in standing out amidst tough competition. One traditional yet powerful tool that continues to make an impact in property marketing is Printing Brochures.

Brochure Printing offers versatility, tangibility and the ability to leave a lasting impression on buyers.

This article explores the types of brochures used in real estate and delves into how printing brochures can be a game changer for real estate agents by delivering high returns on investment (ROI).

Understanding Different Types of Real Estate Brochures for Printing

Real Estate Brochure Printing

1. Property Printing Brochures

Property brochures are widely used in real estate. Their primary focus is on showcasing specific properties.

They highlight features, floor plans and captivating images to provide buyers with a takeaway that allows them to visualize the property in detail at their own pace.

2. Agency Printing Brochures

While property brochures concentrate on listings, Agency brochures have a varied scope. They showcase an agency portfolio, services offered and expertise.

3. Neighbourhood Printing Brochures

Neighbourhood Brochures are a tool in real estate marketing that serves surrounding target purposes. Neighborhood brochures offer insights into the surrounding community showcasing amenities, schools, parks and other points of interest.

They play a role in attracting buyers who not only seek the perfect home but also envision their lifestyle within a specific neighbourhood.

4. Market Update Printing Brochures

Market Update brochures focus on providing real-time information about the real estate market.

These brochures include statistics, trends and insights that aid buyers and sellers in making decisions. Real estate agents can establish themselves as industry experts by distributing these materials.

The Power of Printing Brochures in Real Estate Marketing

Printing Brochure real estate marketing

1. Tangible Impact

In today’s age, the tangible experience of holding a printed brochure can have a far more enhanced effect than its digital counterpart.

Printing brochures enables real estate agents to establish a connection with clients. The touch and feel of a designed brochure leave a lasting impression making the property more memorable.

2. Professionalism

Printed materials convey professionalism and credibility effectively. A crafted brochure reflects the dedication and attention to detail that real estate agents bring to their work.

When clients receive printed brochures it enhances their perception of both the property value and the agent’s services.

3. Targeted Distribution

Printed brochures offer the advantage of household targeted distribution, unlike online marketing. Real estate agents can strategically place brochures in high-traffic domestic areas, and local businesses.

They can even send them directly to clients. This targeted approach ensures that the brochure reaches individuals who have an interest in the estate within a specific location.

4. Enhanced Branding Opportunities

Printed brochures serve as a platform for branding. By incorporating logos, colour schemes and messaging in brochures real estate agencies can reinforce their brand identity.

A branded brochure not only contributes to brand recognition but also sets the agency apart from its competitors.

Tips for Creating Engaging Property Brochures

Printing Brochure Real Estate

1. High Quality Imagery

Investing in photography is crucial to showcase the property in its best light. High-quality images grab attention…leave an impression on potential buyers.

Make sure these images highlight the features of the property while also evoking a sense of lifestyle.

2. Compelling Copywriting

Craft compelling and concise copy that effectively highlights the selling points of the property. Use language to evoke emotions and create a narrative that resonates with buyers’ desires and aspirations.

Communicate the benefits and value proposition of the property.

3. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Include an actionable call to action (CTA) within your brochure. When it comes to engaging buyers there are ways to guide them towards taking the next steps, such as scheduling a meeting, attending an open house or getting in touch with the agent.

Having a well-defined call to action (CTA) is crucial in increasing the chances of conversion.

4. Professional Design/Layout

Collaborating with a professional designer is essential for creating a pleasing layout.

Paying attention to typography, colour schemes and overall design aesthetics can make a brochure visually appealing.

A well-designed brochure not only grabs attention but also adds value to the property in the eyes of potential buyers.

Types/Sizes of Printing Brochures

Printing Brochures Types

Brochure Printing can come in many different types.. what you select depends on your personal preference, and what level of detailed information you want to produce. We will run through a few here..

DL Brochures (A4 Folded to DL)

Without a doubt, the most popular and most common form of brochure printing. A compact format DL fold brochure, this is a 6 panel Brochure (3 front, 3 back) in an accordion fold. These Tri-Fold Brochures are perfect for printing large quantities, and these pamphlets fit perfectly to deliver in any letterbox.

A4 Brochures (A3 Folded to A4)

The largest type of folded brochures printed that is commonly produced without going into a booklet format. If your advertising needs eclipse a DL 6PP, these are the perfect solution for those Estate agents with a bit more to say, or more pictures and graphics to add.

A5 Brochures (A4 Folded to A5)

The flat size is similar to DL Brochures (A4 Flat Size), but instead of a z fold, the fold is a singular half fold. It’s best to think of this as a smaller version of the A4 Brochures – a good alternative if looking for a cheap alternative to the A4 Brochures that don’t cost as much money.

Other alternatives can involve DL 8PP (concertina fold – flat size 396mm x 210mm, folds to DL, A5 6PP (Flat size 444mm x 210mm) Folded to A5. Custom sizes are welcomed, as are variations in folding as per your business requirements (eg double parallel fold, gate fold, double gate fold, tri fold, roll fold, french fold – is your brochure, and we are happy to print to your marketing specifications

Stock (Paper) Types for Printing Brochures

Stock paper types

Real Estate Agents in Australia, as a general rule, only print on quality. Paper stocks such as 100gsm bond are rarely used unless for a promotional letter.

Most Real Estate Agents choose a high Gloss, Silk or Matt coasted stock. Gloss is by far the most popular, as the prints almost always have pictures and images in them.

Regarding paper weights, for a premium paper stock flyer, at least 150gsm. Most Real Estate agents prefer cardboard (300gsm +) It depends on your budget and qty required.

Artwork Specifications


The best way to upload your Artwork is, without a doubt, a print-ready PDF. Other file types can be accepted, but PDF is the very best solution for custom brochures.

If printing in Full Colour process, please supply in CMYK format. remember, RGB is screen resolution and the printer doesn’t like this ! It will automatically convert to CMYK and there will be a shift in the colour details.

Be conscious of your fold line positioning – keep art away from being printed on the fold line itself.

Offset versus Digital Printing on Brochures.

Cracking on Print Folds

If you have colour on the fold lines, you want to print Offset (with Ink) not Digi (with toner). The reason? If you print with toner, the toner sits on top of the paper, and will `burst’ on the fold lines. With Ink, it sits up to 30% in the paper, reducing or eliminating this bursting.

Real Estate Agents Printing reflects their Brand and needs to ooze Quality.

Real Estate Branding

In real estate marketing, printed brochures hold significant importance. At MVP Print, we recognize the significance of this effective marketing tool. We are happy to advise your company on any part of this service and how we can assist. Contact us at and we will give you a prompt response. We pride ourselves on happy customers.

By utilizing types of brochures specifically tailored for real estate purposes and emphasizing the benefits of printing brochures, real estate agents can enhance their advertising strategies and achieve a high return on investment (ROI).

It’s important to remember that in today’s age in Australia, the tactile experience provided by a thoughtfully crafted brochure can make all the difference when it comes to capturing potential buyers’ attention and setting a property apart in a competitive market.