Printing Services : The Power of Color in Print

Colour Printing

Colour – the Marketing Weapon in Print

Color plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your print advertising. It can be used to draw attention, convey emotion, and influence decisions. For example, businesses often use bright colors to grab people’s attention and make them more likely to take notice of the material at hand. Additionally, certain colors evoke different emotions; for instance, red can signify energy and excitement, while blue can give off a sophisticated or calming vibe. Picking the right provider of Print Services makes your marketing all the more effective.

Increase Visibility for higher ROI

Businesses use color to their advantage in print advertising all the time. For example, many companies use bright colors to make their logos and branding more visible and memorable. Color can also be used to differentiate between different print materials; for instance, a company might use orange for call-to-action cards, blue for informational brochures, and green for promotional flyers.

Use Colour effectively to Draw Attention

Color can also be used to differentiate sections of printed materials or to draw attention to key points. For example, a business might highlight certain phrases or products by using bright colors in their catalogs or newsletters. Additionally, color can be used to emphasize important figures and statistics in graphs or charts; by using bold blues and greens, the data can be easier to read and comprehend.

Great Colour by Great Printing Services

The Power of Colour in Print

Overall, color is a powerful tool that businesses can use to make their print advertising more effective and engaging. By understanding the power of color and how it can influence people’s decisions, businesses can create print campaigns that are more successful and impactful. With the right combination of colors, businesses can create memorable and eye-catching materials that are sure to stand out from the crowd for their potential clients

Create Colour Cohesion

Moreover, color can also be used to create a unified aesthetic across print materials. By using the same colors for all printed material, such as brochures, postcards and flyers, businesses can create a stronger sense of cohesion between their different marketing pieces. Additionally, this can help create a more professional look that is sure to be noticed and remembered by potential customers.

Ensuring your Business looks and Feels Professional

Businesses should take advantage of the power that color has when it comes to print materials. By using colors strategically in their marketing campaigns, businesses can make their materials stand out from the competition and appear more professional and memorable. By understanding the impact that colors can have, businesses can create powerful and effective print campaigns.

Stay Consistent with your Corporate Livery

No matter what type of print material businesses create, they should always use colors that are appropriate for their brand and message. By choosing the right palette of colors, businesses can ensure that all of their marketing materials reflect their company’s vision and values in a clear and consistent way. Additionally, this will help customers easily recognize a business’s printed materials as being from them.

Pack more for your Punch using Colour the Right Way

Ultimately, using colors strategically in a business’s print materials can help create effective and memorable campaigns that will draw attention and generate more customers. Through the use of color, businesses can create unified and impactful marketing pieces to help promote their company or products. By utilizing colors effectively, businesses can ensure that their print materials stand out from the crowd

Colour effectiveness for Printing Services

Which Printing Services provide the best Colour ?

When it comes to finding the best printing services for color, businesses must consider a few key factors. They should look for printers that use high-quality inks and papers to ensure that the colors appear vibrant and true to life. Additionally, businesses should find out what their options are when it comes to customization, as this will allow them to create truly unique marketing pieces that will stand out from the competition.

Take a look around – not all Printing Services are the same !

Finally, businesses should compare prices and turnaround times to ensure that they get the best value for their money. By selecting a printing service that meets all of these criteria, businesses can be sure that their print advertising looks just as good as they expected. There is Quality Printing and Low-Quality Printing.. don’t let your Print Advertising suffer with your Logo, Business Card Artwork, or any of your Print Advertising being less than A1.

What Paper Stocks should I use for the best Colour reproduction?

For best colour reproduction, businesses should look for a paper stock that offers high brightness and contrast. For most applications, matte or glossy cardstock is the ideal choice for vibrant colours. Additionally, businesses can opt for specialty papers such as coated stocks or textured surfaces to give their prints an extra level of sophistication. By selecting the right paper stock, businesses can ensure that their print advertising looks professional and of the highest quality. But be aware that using Coated versus Uncoated stocks will create different Colour results for your print advertising

Can I get a Custom Colour Match for my Print Advertising?

Many printing services offer custom colour matching to ensure that the exact colours are captured in the print output. This is a great option for businesses who require complex or unique shades, as it can help them create truly one-of-a-kind print pieces. Additionally, businesses should look for printing services that offer Pantone Matching System (PMS) colour matching to ensure accurate colour reproduction with every print job.


MVP Print will do Hard Copy Proofs

At MVP Print, we will do a Hard Copy proof (Digitally Printed) on request so you can see what your job looks like prior to printing the main run. This ensures that you have the right colour reproduction and are happy with what your print job will look like. Our Hard Copy proofs can also be used to test different paper stocks so see which one best fits your needs.

How do I get a Hard Copy Proof Do other Printing Services offer this ?

No, not all do ! So if you think you might need a Hard Copy proof, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help! All are Express Posted – just ask your Account Manager and we will get your examples underway. You can then accept, or tweak your Print Advertisement based on your Hard Copy prior to printing the main run.