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Table Coasters

Welcome to the vibrant world of personalised table coasters! Here at MVP Print in Australia, we believe that all details in your home should tell your story, including the coasters you place your drinks on.

This quick and easy article explores the unique charm of custom-printed coasters, brighten anyone’s dining table favoriteinto galleries of memories and art.

The Rising Trend of Personalised Table Coasters

More than Just a Utility Item

Gone are the days when coasters were merely seen as functional items to protect surfaces.

Nowadays, they are a statement of personal style and a reflection of memories. Customized coasters with photographs are trending, offering a blend of practicality and personal touch.

The Emotional Connection

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while a beloved family photo on your coaster smiles back at you. Or picture a coaster set featuring your favorite, travel destinations.

These small yet significant items hold the power to evoke emotions, making every sip a trip down memory lane.

The Process of Printing Custom Table Coasters

Print Stock for Table Coasters

Choosing the Right Material

At MVP Print, we print quality – only quality. All our coasters placemats are printed on 390gsm Beer Board, the premium choice of Beer Board sold in Australia. They are specifically made to control moisture consumption and protect every surface. Each material has its unique appeal and suitability for different types of photographs and designs.

The Printing Technology

We use state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that your photographs are reproduced with clarity and colour accuracy.

Our advanced techniques ensure that the images are not only beautiful but also long-lasting and resistant to wear.

Design Tips for Your Personalised Table Coasters

Selecting the Perfect Images

Choosing the right images for your coasters can be both fun and daunting. Opt for high-resolution pictures that mean something special to you.

Whether it’s a family portrait, a landscape shot, or a candid moment, the image should resonate with you.

Composition and Layout

Consider the composition of your photos. Close-up shots work well for smaller items like coasters. Also, think about the layout – whether you want to add a single image per coaster or a collage of memories.

How Custom Coasters Can Elevate Your Home Decor

Table Coaster Home Decor

Coasters as Conversation Starters

Custom coasters are great conversation starters. They add a personal touch to your home and can lead to interesting stories about the images printed on them.

Matching Table Coasters with Your Home Theme

Whether your home has a modern, rustic, or vintage theme, custom coasters can be designed to complement your interior.

This seamless integration adds a layer of personality to home decor and can enhance and brighten anyone’s dining table.

Remember ours are a little different from someone like Madras Link (who produce only quality as well, we might add !) – ours are a personalised table coaster, printed on board as opposed to marble product

Table Coasters – The Perfect Gift Idea

Personalized and Thoughtful

Custom photo coasters make for a thoughtful and unique gift. Whether for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, they are a wonderful way to share memories.

For Every Occasion

From family reunions to corporate events, personalized coasters serve as a perfect memento, reminding recipients of the special occasion.

Why Choose MVP Print for Your Custom Table Coasters

MVP Print Table Coasters

Quality and Durability

At MVP Print, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our coasters are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable.

Whether they are being sold down south in Tassie, or in the heat of far Northern Queensland, our Coaster printing is produced with only with best materials.

Australian Made and Reliable

Being an Australian business, we understand the unique tastes and preferences of our customers.

We are committed to providing reliable and timely service.

Easy Ordering

How do I order? Easy – just go to the Printing Coasters Page, select how many you want, add to the cart, and checkout! You do not have to pay straight away either.. at first we proof your placemat coaters, just to make sure the art is ready for print and there are no errors before producing them

Table Coasters – Making Every Sip Memorable

In conclusion, custom photo coasters are a wonderful way to bring your memories to life and add a personal touch to your everyday moments.

At MVP Print, we are dedicated to transforming your cherished photographs into beautiful, functional table coasters that protect your dining table and tell your story.

We are proud of our Placemats Coasters – having your own personalised beer coasters, made specifically for you, is good enough to brighten anyone’s dining table!

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