Customised Colouring Books – Boost Your Brand Awareness

Customised Colouring Books

Customised colouring books are a unique way for brands to get noticed. They mix fun, colour, and your message. This creates a fun experience for anyone using them. Whether as a gift, a learning tool, or just for fun, they help your brand stand out and be remembered.

World Book Day is celebrated in nearly 100 countries. It’s a great time for businesses to join in with custom colouring books. These books are loved by kids and grown-ups. They’re proven to make people feel better and reduce stress. Adult coloring books, in particular, offer therapeutic benefits and are perfect for relaxation and decompression. So, they’re a perfect way for brands to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

ODM, a top name in marketing, designs custom books that come with coloured pencils and great packaging. By using these, businesses show they’re creative and care about their customers. This can make a big impact against their competition.

The adult colouring book market was worth $32 million in 2021. And it’s been growing fast online. 60% of people between 25-44 buy these books for fun and to relax. Price-wise, between $14.99 – $29.99 AUD is a sweet spot. Brands can use this to reach out and connect with buyers.

Coloring pages with animals, magical scenes, and complex designs are always loved. But, themes like tattoos, nature, and mandalas are special. Artists like Kerby Rosanes and Millie Marotta are well-known for their beautiful work.

For the best coloring experience, use paper between 120gsm and 140gsm. Printing with a laser printer gives a cleaner look. It’s also more cost-effective in the long run, making customers happier.

Key Takeaways:

The Growing Popularity of Colouring Books in Australia

Customised Colouring Books
Vector illustration with Australia theme doodles. Hand drawn and eye-catching banner design, capturing the essence of Australian culture and traditions through playful cartoon symbols

Colouring books are now loved by both kids and grown-ups in Australia. They are seen as a way to relax and be creative. People enjoy colouring to ease stress or just have fun. Popular binding options for colouring books include saddle stitch and perfect binding, each suitable for different page counts and paper types.

Colouring is known to be good for mental health. It can reduce anxiety and make you feel calm. It also helps you focus and be more creative. Many find it a great way to forget worries and feel better.

Now, companies in Australia are using colouring books to connect with clients. They find these books a fun and clever way to spread their message. This trend started back in 2018.

Making special colouring books for companies is a smart move. It doesn’t cost much and clients love them. To make these books special, they need great art, good paper, and the company’s logo inside.

There’s a lot that businesses can do to market these books. They can give them out at special events or team them with other products. Online ads can also help find more colouring book fans.

On August 2nd, Australia celebrates National Colouring Book Day. This is a great time for businesses to join in and promote their brand. It’s a fun way to be creative and connect with people.

Digital Publishing and Social Media Marketing

Now, it’s easy for artists to share their colouring books online. Platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing let them have more say in their work. This can be good for making money too.

Social media is a great place to show off colouring books. Websites like Instagram and Pinterest help book creators find fans. They can share their work and get more people interested in buying their books.

Increase in Demand for Specific Themes

Choosing the right theme for a colouring book is important. For example, people often like books with nature, animals, or superheroes. By picking popular themes, businesses can make their books more interesting to buyers.

Investing in Quality

Great artwork and paper help make a colouring book better. These things make the colouring experience nicer. High quality means more fun for the user.

Digital colouring books are also becoming popular. They are perfect for devices like iPads or Surfaces. They offer a cheap and modern way to enjoy colouring, anywhere you like.

Clearly, the trend of colouring books is here to stay in Australia. They are popular for good reasons – they help with stress, encourage creativity, and bring joy. Businesses can use this to reach out to people, show off their brand, and leave a memorable impact.

Embracing the Trend: Customised Colouring Books for All Ages

Colouring books are not just for kids anymore. Customization options for the front cover, back cover, and inside cover of colouring books are available to suit different preferences. People of all ages love them. Children enjoy custom ones, while adults find them relaxing. Adult colouring books are becoming more popular for their stress-reducing effects.

The Surge of Adult Coloring Books

The market for adult colouring books hit $32 million in 2021. More adults are buying them for stress relief. Over half of people ages 25 to 44 use them to feel better mentally and emotionally.

These colouring books let adults be creative. Colouring mindfully can make people focus better and feel calmer. There are many designs to choose from for the interior pages, like complex patterns, mythical worlds, or scenes from real life.

Thanks to technology, there are digital colouring books too. Apps like Procreate make digital colouring fun and easy. They offer a chance to try different styles and find new artwork for free online.

Customised Colouring Books as Promotional Material

Businesses see custom colouring books as great marketing tools. Putting their brand in a book makes it fun and memorable. It’s a new way to attract customers.

Brands can design these books to match their look. They might hire famous artists to help create unique pages. This makes the book more special and appealing.

Some books have pages that can be torn out. This lets people show off their art, creating a shared experience. It can bring communities together through art. Wire-o binding is a convenient option for promotional colouring books, allowing full-page flipping and easy tearing and sharing of pages.

Businesses have choices to make these books. They can do it themselves or use a printing service. A quality print stands out more but might cost a bit extra. However, it makes the book look professional and impressive.

The adult colouring book market reached $32 million in 2021.Indicates the significant growth and demand for adult colouring books.
Nearly 60% of individuals aged 25 to 44 purchase adult colouring books for relaxation and enjoyment.Highlights the popularity and recognition of the therapeutic benefits of adult colouring.
The price range for customised colouring books is $14.99 – $29.99 AUD.Provides an affordable marketing solution for businesses.
Stock quantity varies, with some books having 1 or 2 copies available.Underlines the exclusivity and limited availability of certain customised colouring books.
Notable artists in the adult colouring book industry include Kerby Rosanes and Millie Marotta.Indicates the presence of renowned artists who can contribute to the creation of exceptional colouring book designs.
Recommended paper options for printing colouring pages include 120gsm and 140gsm Laser Bond stock.Assists businesses in selecting high-quality paper options for their customised colouring books.
Professional printing services offer the capacity for large-scale printing and a range of paper options, albeit potentially at a higher cost.Provides an alternative for businesses who prefer professional printing services to achieve superior results.

Customised Colouring Books: A Creative Marketing Strategy

Customised Colouring Books

Businesses today are on the lookout for new ways to stand out. They want to catch people’s eyes and keep them interested. Customised colouring books are one cool way to do this. They are great for getting a brand noticed and getting people to interact with it.

They work well with customers of every age. Grown-ups enjoy them for their calming effects. They’re a fun way to reduce stress and boost focus.

These books can cover lots of different topics. They can be about anything, from robots to buildings, making them more attractive to various interests.

Using services like Kindle Direct Publishing makes it easier to get these books out there. This way, businesses control more of the process and might even earn more money.

Research shows people love coloring books with a theme. It doesn’t matter if the books are meant for kids or adults. Various themes and customizations are available, making them suitable for different interests and purposes.

Big names like Amazon offer print-on-demand services. This means businesses can test the market without spending too much up front.

Digital colouring books are also becoming more popular. They can save money and reach more people through PDFs.

Social media plays a big part in promoting these books too. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest help get the word out, boosting sales and brand love.

Kindle Direct Publishing has changed the game for many self-publishers. It lets them earn more and control their work.

Working with influencers and running smart ads are big boosts. A good collaboration can get a brand in front of a lot more people.

Starting out, there are helpful tools available. Things like pre-made templates and free graphics can make it easier to get going.

Using top-notch images is a must. Good images mean a more valuable and appealing book. They help build trust with the audience too.

Choosing the right paper is important for the feel of the book. Quality paper makes it nicer to look at and more long-lasting.

Whether they use drawings or digital art, it’s key to pick what fits the audience best. This way, the book is sure to be enjoyed.

The cover is what first grabs a reader’s attention. A good cover design is critical. It should look professional and link clearly to the book’s theme.

To sum up, custom colouring books are a great way to market a brand. They connect with people through fun, beauty, and even brain benefits. With the right mix of benefits, themes, and designs, businesses can make a real impact.

The Psychological Impact of Colouring on Customers

Colouring affects customers’ perception, mood, and emotions in deep ways. By creating custom colouring books, businesses can tap into this to reach their audience. They can make experiences that really matter to people. Using uncoated paper for these books can enhance the colouring experience by preventing bleed-through and allowing for smooth writing or colouring on the pages.

Colouring is great for reducing stress and helping people relax. Studies show it can lower feelings of anxiety and depression. It gives people a break from life’s stresses. By including soothing designs in colouring books, businesses help their customers feel calm and happy.

When you colour, paying attention to each stroke can bring mental peace. This focus can help people get into a zone where they’re fully into what they’re doing. That makes people feel mindful and focused, lowering their stress and boosting their mood.

Colouring isn’t just relaxing. It also makes people more creative. Activities like this wake up parts of your brain that help you solve problems creatively. By offering detailed and imaginative content, businesses can encourage their customers to be more creative and innovative.

Colouring books can be great for learning, not just for drawing. They teach about things like culture, history, and maths in a fun way. This can be another reason why customers enjoy colouring.

Today, we have digital tools that make colouring even better. With apps like Procreate, colouring can be more interactive and fun. Businesses that use these digital tools give their customers a fresh way to get artistic.

Colouring has become a big social activity. Enthusiasts come together online or in person to share their art and tips. This creates a feeling of community and friendship among people who love to colour. Businesses can benefit from this trend by joining in and making meaningful connections with their customers.

Innovative Branding Opportunities with Colouring Books


Customised colouring books are a novel way for businesses to boost their branding. They integrate the company’s logo and brand messages. This makes for a consistent and memorable brand experience for customers. Additionally, businesses can customize the inside back cover to include unique designs or messages, enhancing the overall appeal of the colouring book.

Integrating Your Logo and Brand Messages

Customised colouring books are great for showcasing your logo and brand messages. Placing your logo well on each page boosts brand recognition.

Adding brand messages to the book’s design lets you share what your company stands for. This could be about being eco-friendly, encouraging creativity, or providing educational content. Such books are a great way to tell your brand’s story.

By including your logo and messages, customers will remember your brand. They associate your brand with their creative time spent colouring. It’s a unique way to connect with them.

Aligning Colouring Book Themes with Corporate Identity

Choosing the right theme for your colouring book is crucial. It should match your corporate identity and appeal to your audience. This ensures a relevant and meaningful experience for your customers.

For instance, if you target families, create a book around family activities. This strengthens the bond between your brand and customers. It reinforces your brand’s identity and builds loyalty.

Customising everything from design to themes makes the book uniquely suited to your brand. Such attention to detail sets your brand apart. It ensures an impactful branding experience.

Offer choices like cover designs to engage both kids and adults. Personalised options enhance the bond between your brand and customers. This boosts loyalty and retention.

Branding Opportunities Logo Integration Brand Messages Corporate Identity Prominently display your logo throughout the colouring book Strategically integrate brand messages into the design Select themes that align with your brand values Create a more meaningful and relevant experience Reinforce brand recognition Communicate key values and messaging Build a stronger connection with your target audience Strengthen the connection between your brand and customers Create a lasting impression Engage customers with your brand and its messaging Enhance brand loyalty and trust Set your brand apart from competitors

Customised colouring books provide a creative way to enhance branding. They blend the company’s logo and messages with the book’s themes. This approach results in a strong and lasting impression on customers. The book becomes a powerful tool for brand recognition and customer connection.

Maximising Engagement Through Personalised Colouring Experiences

Adult colouring books have become very popular lately. They offer a relaxing way for people of all ages to unleash their creativity. Businesses can take advantage of this by offering customised colouring books. These books not only keep customers interested but also help them feel closer to the brand.

Adding interactive elements can make colouring books even more fun. For example, including puzzles and hidden objects in the pictures. This makes the colouring process not just about adding colours but also solving creative challenges. It keeps users engaged and makes the experience unforgettable.

Contests are another great way to get people excited about colouring books. Customers can join in by colouring pages and entering them to win prizes. It’s a fun way to involve them and it creates content that can be shared online, boosting the brand’s visibility.

Inviting customers to contribute their art or ideas is a form of collaboration. This approach fosters a community spirit and makes customers feel valued by involving them in the creative process. It’s a win-win for both the business and its customers.

To make these books even more appealing, businesses should select themes that their customers love. This way, the books become more than just an activity. They turn into a personal and enjoyable experience that resonates with the target audience.

Using customised colouring books as giveaway items at events can be very effective. They help promote the brand and attract people’s interest. It’s a unique and memorable way to stand out among other promotional materials at expos and trade shows.

Working with talented illustrators is key to creating engaging colouring books. They can design scenes that are not just beautiful but also thought-provoking. Pairing these illustrations with the right paper and print quality ensures customers enjoy colouring.

Key Considerations for Maximising Engagement Incorporate interactive elements such as puzzles and hidden objects within the illustrations. Host competitions to encourage customer participation and generate user-generated content. Embrace collaborative campaigns, allowing customers to contribute their own artwork or ideas. Tailor themes and designs to align with the interests of the target audience. Use customised colouring books as promotional gifts at events to increase brand visibility. Collaborate with skilled illustrators to create engaging and visually captivating scenes. Select suitable paper materials and printing considerations for a comfortable and high-quality colouring experience.

By offering personalised colouring experiences, businesses can not only keep their customers engaged but also develop a stronger relationship with them. This approach can make a lasting impact on both parties.

Celebrating National Colouring Book Day with MVP Print

MVP Print

National Colouring Book Day is nearing, and MVP Print is excited. They aim to show how personalised colouring books boost marketing at events. This method boosts brand recognition and captivates audiences in a special way.

Strategic Event-Based Marketing with Colouring Books

Event-based marketing lets businesses connect with people on a personal level. MVP Print uses custom colouring books for this. It gives event-goers a fun, artistic way to interact and deepen their bond with the brand.

At events like Back to School Bashes or wellness weekends, their colouring books fit the theme. They use vivid pictures to catch attention and leave a strong brand memory.

MVP Print also hands out these books for free. This action links people emotionally to the brand. It helps the brand stay in people’s minds long after the event.

Leveraging the Annual Celebration for Brand Visibility

National Colouring Book Day is a big chance for MVP Print to shine. They tap into the popularity of colouring books. They show their brand as the go-to for quality and relaxation.

They launch campaigns that match what their fans like. This gets their attention and turns them into loyal clients.

MVP Print uses Instagram and Pinterest to boost their visibility. They share their books and interact with fans. They use event tags to reach more people and draw them in.

In summary, MVP Print knows how powerful event marketing and National Colouring Book Day can be. By slotting customised books into events and using this day well, they make a big impact. Their strategy speaks to their audience, ensuring their brand is seen and loved more.

Design Elements of Effective Custom Colouring Books

Creating successful custom colouring books means thinking about the pictures, topics, and the paper’s quality. These things really help make the books more appealing and fun.

Using clear and detailed pictures is key. They don’t just look good; they also add value to the book. People love books with beautiful artwork.

Choosing the right theme matters a lot too. Adults often like calming themes, such as nature or mandalas, for stress relief. Kids, however, often prefer fun themes with animals or princesses. But, having themes that can be customised, like robots, is great for a wider audience.

The type of paper is also important. The best papers are between 70-100 lbs (100-150 gsm). This prevents markers from bleeding and keeps the book strong. Heavier paper also makes the book feel more valuable to buyers. Adding trim lines inside the bleed zone is crucial to define the final dimensions of the finished page and ensure that necessary elements of the images stop at least 10 mm short of the trim line to avoid any loss when the pages are cut to size.

Think about the cover, as it’s what draws people in first. It should be attractive and professional to catch the eye. Also, keeping the same page layout helps the colouring book feel smooth and user-friendly.

Don’t forget about choosing the right way to print. For bigger orders, offset printing is a good value. It keeps colours looking great without bleeding through the pages. Also, printing on only one side lets people easily remove and frame their favourite pages.

In short, making custom colouring books with the right pictures, themes, and paper means they’ll be loved by their audience. Getting these parts right makes for a top-quality colouring experience.

The Cost-Effective Nature of Colouring Book Campaigns

Businesses love finding marketing strategies that aren’t costly but reach many people. Colouring book campaigns do just that. They let businesses connect with customers without spending too much.

Colouring books are more than just paper. They bring a fun and calm pastime that both kids and adults enjoy. Adults find them relaxing with their detailed designs. This makes colouring books stand out in the market.

Printing your book doesn’t have to be a big spend. Thanks to print-on-demand, businesses can print what they need when they need it. This cuts down on wasted stock and saves money.

The way a book is bound can also save on costs. Saddle stitching is both affordable and looks good. It helps keep the project budget-friendly yet professional.

Going digital with PDF colouring books means no print costs. This opens up the market to online customers. So, businesses can sell more without spending more.

Now, anyone can publish their own colouring book thanks to platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing. This gives control over the book’s creation and profits. It aligns budgets with goals better.

Using social media is another smart move. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest show off your books. And working with influencers there can boost sales affordably.

In the end, colouring book campaigns are great for the budget. They let businesses interact with their audience in a fun way. So, they get more for their money while standing out in marketing.

Conclusion: Colouring Your Way to a Stronger Brand Presence

Customised colouring books are a great way for businesses to stand out. They make brands more visible and memorable. By adding branding to these books, companies can offer a fun and engaging experience to their audience.

These books help build loyalty by making the brand more recognisable. They cost less than traditional ads but offer great value. With a variety of designs, they can catch the eye of the target audience and create a strong brand image.

Adding a personal touch to coaster designs strengthens the relationship with customers. Businesses can use top-quality materials to make sure the coasters last. This means their branding stays visible and memorable over time.

MVP Print leads the way in making high-quality coasters, combining great designs and function. Their printing is sharp and lively, making brands more noticeable. They also use top-notch materials, making coasters that feel premium.

In short, customised colouring books do a lot for a brand’s marketing. They’re part of a strategy that boosts brand visibility, engages customers, and makes a memorable impression.

Customised Colouring Books