Custom Booklet Printing: From Concept to Completion

Custom Booklet Printing

At MVP Print, we’re top-notch in custom booklet printing in Australia. For more than 25 years, we’ve been aiding businesses, non-profits, and groups in crafting top-tier booklets. Our process is smooth from start to finish, handling everything from design and layout to printing and binding.

Making your booklets for marketing, product catalogues, or something else? Look no further. MVP Print is here with the know-how and tools to realize your ideas.

Introduction to Custom Booklet Printing

In today’s world, printed booklets are still a strong marketing tool. They’re great for businesses, non-profits, schools, and other groups in Australia. With custom booklet printing, you can make materials that really speak to people. This can help share info, promote what you offer, and connect with customers.

The Power of Printed Booklets

Printed booklets stand out by offering a real, touchable experience. They grab people’s attention and leave a memorable mark. People love the personal feel and attention to detail in a nicely designed booklet. It sets your brand apart from the endless online noise.

Benefits of Custom Booklet Printing

Custom booklet printing benefits your brand in many ways. It lets you show detailed info, create a strong brand look, and add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. You can pick from a range of paper choices, binding options, and specialty finishes. This helps in making booklets that truly represent your brand and get your message across to the people you want to reach.

Planning Your Custom Booklet

When starting your booklet project, planning is key. Be clear on what you want and who you aim to reach. This ensures the booklet fits your marketing aims and appeals to your readers. Start by making a mockup and a plan for what goes in the booklet. This will help you figure out how many pages you need and the best way to lay it out. It also makes sure all info is in there and looks good.

Defining Your Goals and Target Audience

First, clearly set your goals and know who you’re making the booklet for. Think about why you’re making it (like for ads or to share info), who you want to see it, and what you want them to learn. This helps shape everything about the booklet’s look and content.

Creating a Mockup and Content Plan

After understanding your goals and audience, make a mockup and plan the content. Arrange the layout, pick the right number of pages, and make sure all info is there in a clear and attractive way. Planning and perfecting your content now means your message will hit the mark later.

Getting the planning right is crucial for your booklet to work well. By setting clear goals, picking your audience, and planning every detail, you pave the way for a booklet that really stands out.

Designing for Custom Printed Booklets

Graphics Designer

Creating a great custom booklet needs careful planning. You should focus on layout and the fonts you use. Choosing the right font size, style, and space makes your booklet easy to read and look professional. Adding top-notch images, illustrations, and other visuals also helps engage readers and get your message across clearly.

Layout and Typography Considerations

Your booklet’s look and feel should match your brand and who you’re aiming it at. Paying attention to these details makes your booklet stand out. It’s about everything from the fonts you pick to how the lines are spaced and the text is placed. Each choice helps your booklet look like a well-put-together whole.

Incorporating Visuals and Graphics

Using the right visuals makes your booklet more interesting. This can be cool pictures, helpful charts, or colourful drawings. These breaks not only keep things from being too boring but also strengthen your main points. Picking the best visual parts lets you tell your brand’s story in a way that sticks with people.

Booklet Size OptionsBooklet Page RangeCover Paper StockBinding Method
A4 and A58 to 64 pages2 options availableStapled (saddle-stitched)

When you focus on the layout, typography, and visuals, your custom booklet becomes compelling. It helps your brand’s message get through effectively to your audience. Let the MVP Print team help you with the design. They’ll make sure your custom booklet is noticed and makes the right impact.

Paper Choices for Custom Booklets

The paper stock you choose makes a big difference in how your custom booklet looks and feels. MVP Print has many types, like coated and uncoated papers, for any job. You should think about the paper’s weight, finish, and colour. Also, think about who will use the booklet and what it’s for.

For a shiny, polished look, pick Gloss Art Paper. If you prefer something more sophisticated, Matte Art Paper is a good choice. Novels and textbooks look great on Smooth Paper because of its feel. And if you want to go green, Recycled Paper is best for the planet.

It’s vital to think about certain aspects to make your booklet last and look good. Things like what it’s about, budget, who will read it, and the best printing method. Choosing the right paper improves how your booklet is experienced. This makes sure it matches your brand and gets your message across well.

Paper TypeKey CharacteristicsIdeal Applications
Gloss Art PaperShiny and reflective surface, polished lookCustom booklets, brochures, catalogues
Matte Art PaperNon-reflective surface, elegant appearanceCustom booklets, marketing materials
Smooth PaperSmooth and crisp finishNovels, heavy textbooks
Recycled Paper60-100% recycled pulp, environmentally friendlyCustom booklets, brochures, catalogues
Photographic PaperTop-quality images and color reproductionPhoto albums, portfolios
Synthetic PaperWater and rip-resistant, durableOutdoor booklets, menus
Offset Uncoated PaperCost-effective, suitable for black and white printingText-heavy books, manuals

Binding Options for Custom Booklets

Choosing how to bind your custom booklet is crucial. It affects how it looks, feels, and works. At MVP Print, we have many binding choices. Each one has its own features and advantages. They meet the needs of businesses, marketers, and pros alike.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is affordable and great for under 76 pages. It gives a professional look at a great price. This method is perfect for brochures, catalogues, programs, and info booklets.

Saddle Stitched Booklets are a little different from other binding methods. The total page count for inner pages ad the outer covers must be in multiples of 4pp (printed pages) So when designeing, the final PDF File neeeds to have four cover pages (Front Outside and Inside, Back Outside and Inside), and the inner single pages must total a mutliple of four. Oftern, to make this up to multiples of 4, clients add blank pages strategically within the book to make this viable.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is best for larger booklets. It’s durable with a sophisticated finish. Ideal for reports, catalogues, guides, and technical stuff. You can print as few as 5 books, which is great for any business size.

Wire-O and Spiral Binding

If your booklet needs to open flat, wire-o and spiral binding are perfect. They’re good for manuals, calendars, and notebooks. These bindings are practical and user-friendly.

Think about the page count, paper thickness, and the look you want. The MVP Print team can help you choose the right binding. They’ll make sure it matches your design and project needs.

Custom Printed Booklets

Custom Printed Booklets

At MVP Print, we have the perfect booklet sizes for any project. We offer the standard A4 and A5 sizes. These are great for many needs, ensuring a professional look. We also give you the choice to go custom for something truly unique.

Standard Booklet Sizes

Our A4 and A5 booklets are great for showcasing any content. They’re ideal for company brochures, catalogues, or educational materials. A4 is large for detailed info, while A5 is compact for easy carrying.

Custom Sizes for Unique Projects

Need something different? MVP Print lets you create your own booklet size. We’ll team up with you to design a booklet just for your project. It may be pocket-sized or big, depending on what you need. Working with us means your custom booklet will look great, stand out, and clearly show your message.

Cover Finishing Options

Your booklet’s cover is key to making a good impression. MVP Print has several lamination types, like matte and gloss. These protect and improve your booklet’s look. They also offer special finishes like spot UV for a raised feel, foil stamping, and embossing. These make your booklet unique, reflecting your brand’s style.

Lamination Types

MVP Print offers matte and gloss lamination, each with its own benefits. Matte gives a simple look while gloss makes it bright and shiny. Choose based on the look you want and your project’s needs.

Specialty Finishes

For an even better cover, MVP Print has many specialty finishes. With options like spot UV for shine, foil stamping for metal effects, and embossing for texture. These finishes ensure your booklet catches the eye, reinforcing your brand’s look.

Printing Process for Custom Booklets

Custom booklet printing at MVP Print is easy and fast. Their team offers guidelines that make your design perfect for printing. They check everything carefully to find and fix any problems before printing starts.

Paper Stock Options for Booklet CoversDelivery Time frameResolution RequirementBleed Recommendation
– 200gsm silk coated budget matte
– 270gsm silk coated premium matte
– 200gsm glossy budget
– 270gsm glossy premium
– 3 to 5 working days
– Rush orders available (next day or 48-hour turnaround)
300 dpi for optimal print qualityAt least 1.5 – 2.0 cm on all sides to prevent white lines

MVP Print’s custom booklet printing includes these great points:

  • Pricing gets better for bulk orders
  • Booklets are saddle-stitched and in multiples of four pages
  • You can print a sample booklet before ordering more
  • Choose A4 or A5 size for your booklets
  • You can have booklets with 8 to 64 pages, including 4 custom cover pages
  • Select from two cover paper stock options
  • Stapled binding keeps your booklet together
  • They print full color on both sides of the page
  • You can order from 25 to 25000 booklets

Pricing and Budgeting for Custom Booklet Printing

Custom Booklet Printing

Planning your custom booklet printing costs can be tricky. You need to think about the size, page count, paper, binding, and any extra finishes. MVP Print offers great prices and discounts for big orders. Cheap Booklet Printing doesnt always mean low quality marketing booklets. We help you pick a plan that’s good for your budget and makes your booklet look top-notch. With MVP Print, you get straightforward prices and expert advice to keep your project on budget.

Cost Factors to Consider

Many things affect the price of custom booklet printing. The size, page count, paper, and binding type all play a role. So do special finishes. MVP Print will help you understand these costs. They work to find you a great deal that still looks amazing for your marketing or catalogue needs.

Quantity and Volume Discounts

One big plus of choosing MVP Print is their discounts for bigger orders. If you need many booklets at once, you’ll pay less per booklet. This is great for businesses or anyone needing a lot of booklets. It helps you save money and get the most out of your budget.

Custom Booklet Printing Services

Looking for a reliable custom booklet printer is key. MVP Print in Australia shines in quality. They guide you from start to finish.

Finding a Reliable Printing Partner

MVP Print puts quality and fast service first. They team up with you to make perfect booklets. Every detail matters to them.

Wholesale and Trade Printing Options

MVP offers more than just custom printing. They have wholesale for those doing big orders. Perfect for print brokers and marketing teams.

MVP Print gives you many choices for paper and finish. They help your booklets stand out. No matter the size or design, they can make it happen.


Custom booklet printing at MVP Print is an excellent choice for many in Australia. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. Their experienced team ensures you get top-notch booklets smoothly.

They give you lots of paper options, binding options, and special features to choose from. This means you can make booklets that match your brand perfectly. MVP Print is ready to handle both regular and custom-sized booklets, no matter your needs or budget.

For marketing material like brochures or catalogues, MVP Print’s skills shine. We can help your business stand out with eye-catching printed items. Their dedication to detail, great quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service make them an amazing choice for booklet printing in Australia.


What is the minimum and maximum number of pages for a custom booklet?

MVP Print lets you choose from various page counts for your booklet. For smaller booklets, up to 48 pages, they can use saddle stitching. If your booklet is larger, they suggest perfect binding. But, they’re flexible and can work with any page count you need.

Can I get a custom size for my booklet, or do I have to choose from standard sizes?

You can pick from MVP Print’s standard sizes like A4 and A5 for your booklet. They also offer custom sizes to fit your unique project needs. Their team is ready to help you create the perfect booklet size for your project.

What paper stock options are available for my custom booklet?

MVP Print provides many paper stock options, both coated and uncoated. They’ll help you choose the best type that matches your brand. They make sure you select the right paper weight, finish, and color.

What binding options are available for my custom booklet?

There are several binding options at MVP Print, such as saddle stitching and perfect binding. Your choice depends on factors like the pages and paper type. Each method offers a different look for your booklet.

Can I add specialty finishes to the cover of my custom booklet?

Absolutely, MVP Print offers a host of specialty finishes for your booklet cover. You can choose from lamination, spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing. These finishes will make your booklet look unique and professional.

How do I prepare my files for custom booklet printing?

Preparing your files is easy with MVP Print’s clear guidelines. They check your files thoroughly to ensure perfect printing. They also do proofing and quality checks so your booklets come out looking great. Preferred Art submission is to have your print file in High resolution PDF Format.

How does the pricing for custom booklet printing work?

The cost of printing a custom booklet at MVP Print varies. It depends on the size, page count, paper type, and more. They do offer competitive prices, discounts for bulk orders, and help you save money.

Custom Booklet Printing