Using Custom Coloring Books to Tell Your Brand Story

Custom Coloring Books

Custom coloring books are revolutionizing brand marketing. They provide a unique way to showcase your brand’s journey through personalised designs and themes. In 2021, the market for adult coloring books was worth over $32 million, showing their huge appeal. More than half of people between 25 and 44 buy them for fun and relaxation.

As a marketing tool, custom coloring books are exceptional. They merge creativity with your brand, allowing for a personal connection with your audience. Priced from $14.99 to $29.99 AUD, they’re budget-friendly for all kinds of businesses. They are effective in diverse sectors like health, travel, and even the government.

But they don’t just promote your brand. These books reduce stress, enhance creativity, and help with fine motor skills. They let your audience actively engage with your brand, leaving a memorable mark. This is far more impactful than traditional marketing methods.

Key Takeaways

  • Custom coloring books are a unique way to share brand stories
  • The adult coloring book market is booming, reaching $32 million in 2021
  • They appeal to a wide age range, especially those aged 25 to 44
  • Priced affordably, they’re a cost-effective marketing tool
  • These books offer benefits like stress relief and creativity boost
  • They’re versatile, suiting various industries from health to corporate

The Rise of Custom Coloring Books in Brand Marketing

Custom Coloring Books

Custom coloring books are becoming big in promotional marketing. They mix relaxation and creativity with showing off a brand. People of all ages love them. This trend started with the growth of adult coloring. Now, it’s a popular way for brands to get noticed.

The business market for custom coloring books is growing fast. In the last 18 months, purchase levels have shot up. Books aimed at adults are especially selling well. Businesses are jumping on the chance to use them. They say it’s a great way to make their brand stand out. Companies can easily upload their designs for custom coloring books, ensuring high-quality printing by following specific file formats and resolutions.

Now, let’s look at why these books are so popular for promoting brands:

  • They’re a fresh take on the usual promo items.
  • They get customers talking and interested.
  • They make people think of the brand as a way to relax.
  • They offer something fun to do in free time.

There’s more to custom coloring books than being fun for a child – there is another side for these books in a marketing sense…. they really help companies get noticed. By putting their brand in these books, companies make a special connection. Printers are getting on board, too. They’re offering these books because businesses want them. They’re an innovative way to grab attention.

A local printer now sells 40-page custom coloring books. Businesses are flocking to them. These books are a hit because they’re new and effective. “Custom coloring books are a fabulously unique promotional gift that associates your brand with a feel-good factor.” Adult coloring is becoming a hit with businesses in Australia. It helps them have fun with clients. Plus, it’s a great way to show your brand. This trend is good for everyone. Businesses get to market in a creative way. And consumers get to enjoy the calming effects of coloring.

Understanding the Appeal of Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are a huge hit in Australia, reaching a market size of $32 million in 2021. This surge in popularity is not just for now; it’s due to our hectic lives and a need for creative ways to calm down.

Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction

Coloring book options are great for stress relief. Around 60% of those aged 25-44 buy them to relax and reduce anxiety. Coloring helps people focus on the present, making their worries seem far away.

“Coloring in a mandala can help in turning down ruminations and focusing on the present moment,” says art therapist Marygrace Berberian.

Boosting Creativity and Mindfulness

Adult coloring books kick-start creativity and mindfulness. They provide a controlled way to unleash your artistic side. Choosing colous and filling in the designs can bring on a ‘flow’ state, making time slow down and worries vanish.

The books include many themes like:

  • Animals and nature landscapes
  • Intricate mandalas
  • Fantastical worlds
  • Tattoo designs

Popularity Across Different Age Groups

Adult coloring books are loved by people of all ages. Since the past year, interest in these books online has gone up by 45%. This growth shows how many different people are now enjoying this creative hobby. Custom coloring books are also popular among children, keeping them entertained and helping them learn.

Prices for these books range from $14.99 to $29.99 AUD. They are a pocket-friendly way to unwind, be creative, or simply have fun. So, whether you need stress relief, want to boost your creativity, or are looking for a fun activity, adult coloring books have something for everyone.

Custom Colouring Books: A Unique Promotional Tool

Custom coloring books have become a game-changer in marketing. These creative items mix fun with brand promotion. They help companies get noticed more.

They are loved for being good for all ages and fitting many businesses. They are rising in popularity because of this. Some businesses offer custom coloring books along with a set of personalised crayons, creating a complete coloring experience for the customer. Here’s a look at why businesses are choosing them:

  • They start from AU$7.60 each for 100 or more, making them affordable.
  • Companies can add their own logos and messages to match their brand.
  • They work well in healthcare, education, and more.
  • They keep people entertained, making the company’s memory last longer.

Designing your own lets you show what makes your brand special. You can pick topics from the environment to seasonal themes. Here are some favourites:

  • Drug and alcohol prevention
  • Learning about money
  • Health and medicine
  • Staying safe

Making them doesn’t take long, with the normal wait being 2-4 weeks. But, if you need them sooner, you can get them in just three days. “Custom coloring books are a fun way to market. They catch kids’ eyes and become a happy memory for the family.” Using these books can make a real difference. They let businesses stand out in the public’s mind. This new approach to marketing invites people to engage positively with the brand.

Designing Your Brand’s Custom Coloring Book


Creating a custom coloring book for your brand is thrilling. It lets you present your brand in a lively way. This article will guide you through making a coloring book that’s true to your brand.

Incorporating Brand Elements

Every page of your coloring book should scream your brand’s uniqueness. Use your logo, taglines, and colors often. This will help people remember your brand. For instance, watermark your logo on the pages or use your brand’s colors in the art.

Choosing Themes and Imagery

Pick themes and pictures that match your brand and grab your readers. You might include:

  • Animals
  • Magical scenes
  • Nature
  • Mandalas

A cute collection of characters can be particularly appealing for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their alphabet and love to color, making the learning experience enjoyable and fun.

Collaborate with talented illustrators to create visuals that speak to your brand. Also, don’t forget that adults love colouring books with intricate designs. So, go for it.

Selecting the Right Paper Quality

The type of paper you choose can really change the colouring experience, especially when using quality paper stock. Aim for paper that’s between 100-150 gsm. This range is strong but not too expensive. Think about these points with paper:

  • Texture
  • Colour vibrancy
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendliness

For the best look and efficiency, go for laser printing. For binding, think about perfect binding, saddle stitching, or wire-o binding based on your page numbers and use. “The right paper can elevate your colouring book from good to great. It’s the canvas for your brand’s story.” Keep in mind, a common colouring book size is 210mm × 297mm. But, playing with different sizes could make your book noticeable. By choosing wisely, your custom colouring book can make a big impact for your brand.

Targeting the Right Audience with Custom Colouring Books

Custom coloring books are a unique tool to connect with your audience and increase customer interest. They attract a wide range of people, which is great for promoting your brand.

Millennials and Gen Z love unique experiences and being creative. They find joy in colouring intricate designs with deep meanings. It helps them relax and be mindful.

Team-building events often include colouring for stress relief. Adults in the working world prefer designs that are a little challenging but doable. This helps them feel accomplished.

“Colouring books provide a creative outlet that resonates with diverse age groups, enhancing brand loyalty through shared experiences.

When choosing the designs, think about what your audience likes. Adults enjoy nature, mandalas, and uplifting quotes. Kids and teens prefer cute animals, fairy tales, and superheroes.

  • Use high-resolution images with clear lines for engaging pages
  • Create visually appealing covers to attract potential buyers
  • Consider digital platforms like PDFs for wider reach

The best price range for custom colouring books is between $14.99 and $29.99 AUD. This makes them a smart choice for businesses wanting to reach many people.

Use social media like Instagram and Pinterest to share your creations. This can draw in both art fans and those looking for a way to unwind. It might lead to more sales and people knowing your brand.

By making your colouring book suit your target group, it becomes a key in engaging with them and making them loyal to your brand. This way, you can share your story in a way that really matters to them, building a strong bond.

Integrating Custom Colouring Books into Your Marketing Strategy

Custom colouring books can really make your brand stand out. You reach people of all ages by adding these fun tools to your marketing. They are a great way to catch the eye and the heart.

Social Media Campaigns and Contests

Running social media campaigns with custom colouring books can work wonders. Contestants colour pages using your book and post their pics with special hashtags. This not only creates user content but also boosts your online activity and followers.

Event Giveaways and Corporate Gifts

They are perfect for events and as corporate presents. Give them out at trade shows or use them to liven up parties. They’re affordable in bulk, a great choice for those aiming to expand their brand effectively. Note: For custom colouring books, please be aware of the minimum order quantity and allow at least 2 weeks’ lead time.

  • Distribute at local events and craft markets
  • Offer as redeemable gifts in promotions
  • Include as covermount gifts with magazines

Employee Engagement Initiatives

At work, they can be a factor in boosting morale and teamwork. Encourage short colouring breaks or team colouring as stress busters. It helps create a happier, more productive work setting. “Colouring books are beneficial in relieving stress and enhancing mood.” Using these colouring books widely can bring your brand closer to many. From social media to events and team activities, they make your brand memorable. This broad strategy strengthens people’s loyalty to your brand and their interaction with your marketing plans. After you submit your design, we will take care of the rest, including custom design, printing, and personalization.

The Psychology Behind Colouring and Brand Association


Colour psychology is key in shaping how we view brands and making us feel connected. Custom colouring books are a great way for brands to interact with people. They use colours to engage on an emotional level.

Quick judgments about products, around 90%, are based just on colour. Choosing colours wisely is crucial for brand marketing. Custom colouring books help brands share their unique colours in a fun way.

Colouring makes us feel good, which can make us like a brand more. Using a brand’s colouring book can create a strong tie. This tie grows with time, making customers remember the brand more and feel loyal.

  • Red is intense and passionate, often seen in urgent messages
  • Green brings feelings of fresh and safe, great for natural or money-focused items
  • Yellow is bright and attention-catching, fitting for happy brands

Every colour sparks different feelings. Reds and yellows bring energy, while blues and greens bring calm. Brands can use these feelings in their colouring books to match what they want to say.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Colouring can also help lower stress and anxiety. When this calming effect is connected with a brand, it can create a lasting bond. This bond is what turns people from buying once to loving and supporting a brand.

Knowing about colour psychology and using custom colouring books can build strong links in people’s minds. It enhances how well a brand is known and makes for deeper relationships with customers.

Measuring the Success of Your Custom Colouring Book Campaign

It’s key to track how well your custom colouring book campaign does. This helps you see if your efforts are working. By looking at important numbers, you can understand your success and plan better for the future.

Engagement Rates and Brand Mentions

Sites like Facebook and Instagram are great for showing off your custom colouring books. To see how well you’re doing, watch how people get involved on:

  • Social media sites.
  • Giveaways at events.
  • When employees colour at work.

Also, seeing your brand pop up more online is a good sign. Lots of interaction and friendly mentions often show things are going well.

Sales Impact and ROI

Once the sale season is over, check the numbers to see how you did. Account for these things when figuring out your success:

  • Building a loyal customer base.
  • How much people stick with your brand.
  • If making the books was worth it.

Using digital printers means getting your books out fast and tweaking things easily. Shopping around and finding the best deal can help you save money without losing quality.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

What people say about your colouring books matters a lot. To get the bigger picture, ask for their thoughts through:

  • Surveys
  • Reading what folks write on social media.
  • Directly, through their testimonials.

If what they say is good, it usually means you’re doing well. Take Hanna Karlzon, for example. Her books are loved all over the world. This shows what a good custom colouring book can do.

The success of our custom colouring book campaign exceeded our expectations, with a 30% increase in brand mentions and a 15% boost in sales.

By looking closely at the numbers, you’ll understand how successful your campaign was. This insight is key for planning your next marketing moves.

Printing and Production Considerations for Custom Colouring Books

Creating custom colouring books for your brand needs attention to printing and production. The right choices can set your book apart and offer a top-level colouring experience.

Picking the right paper is key. For a good colouring book, experts suggest 100-150 gsm paper. This paper weight is durable and stops ink from seeping through. Uncoated paper is best because it works well with different colouring tools.

For bindings, here are some choices to think about:

  • Saddle-stitch: Good for shorter books
  • Perfect binding: Best for thicker books
  • Wire-o binding: Pages lay flat, making it great for colouring

The cover design is important for catching eyes. To match your brand’s look, choose glossy or matte finishing. Use clear, sharp images for the best impact.

Production costs change due to different aspects. If you’re printing a few copies, digital is budget-friendly. For bigger orders, offset printing saves more money. Colouring books are often 8.5×11 inches but you can try other sizes too, like 8×8 for kids.

“The cover design is crucial, with the front cover having a high visual impact, the back cover providing additional information, and the spine enhancing shelf presence.”

Always print on one side of the page to avoid ink showing through and for easy page removal. This makes for a better colouring experience with different tools and colours.

Thinking through these printing and production details helps you make a top-notch colouring book. It showcases your brand well and draws in your audience effectively.

Leveraging National Colouring Book Day for Brand Promotion

On September 14th, celebrate National Colouring Book Day! It’s a great chance for Aussie businesses to shine. This day started with adults loving to colour in the early 2010s.

Here are some top tips for making your brand stand out:

  • Host a colouring party at your shop or office
  • Organise a colouring competition with prizes
  • Team up with local artists for exclusive colouring pages
  • Offer special deals on colouring supplies
  • Launch a new product line inspired by colouring

Don’t forget the power of social media in your National Colouring Book Day plans. Use popular hashtags like #NationalColouringDay to get noticed. Post colouring tips, do live sessions, and share your team’s artwork.

Teaching people about the good side of colouring is smart. It helps people relax, be more creative, and find peace. This makes your brand look even better.

“Colouring isn’t just for kids. It’s a fantastic way for adults to unwind and tap into their creative side. By embracing National Colouring Book Day, brands can connect with customers on a more personal level.”

Starting early is the secret to a successful National Colouring Book Day campaign. This gives you plenty of time to plan, create content, and get everyone excited.

Get into the colouring spirit and make an impact that people will remember. Let your brand’s true colours show! 

Case Studies: Successful Brand Stories Told Through Custom Colouring Books

Custom colouring books are now a key way for businesses to share their tales. They are a unique tool that helps companies interact with their audience. This boost in interaction helps improve the brand’s presence.

ODM, a big name in marketing, took this concept further. They didn’t just make colouring books; they designed them with care. Their books include coloured pencils and striking packaging. This shows both creativity and concern for their customers, helping ODM stand out.

Many businesses now use colouring books in their daily operations. These success stories include giving out special designs as:

  • Gifts to clients and partners
  • Teambuilding activities for stress relief
  • Workshop tools for sparking creativity

Taking the trend online, companies have used social media for exciting activities. For example, they’ve started colouring contests. This encourages people to share their creations online. It’s smart, as it both promotes the brand and creates user-made content on social media.

Our custom colouring book campaign led to a 30% increase in social media engagement and a 15% boost in brand mentions,” shared a marketing manager from a leading Australian retailer.

Coca-Cola stands out by using its famous red in colouring books. This connects with its ‘One Brand Strategy’. It helps make a unified, recognisable brand look, loved by people of all ages.

These studies highlight how powerful colouring books are for brand stories. Surprisingly, this pastime for adults has become a fresh way for companies to connect. It forges positive brand memories and makes a strong impression on the audience.


Custom colouring books are now a key way for brands to tell stories and engage with customers. With eight top-quality digital creators out there, making special books is easy. FlipHTML5 is the best for creating pages. Meanwhile, Lulu and Anyflip are great for publishing.

Colouring books are loved by people of all ages, from kids to grown-ups. A seven-step design process helps brands target their books to different groups. They can get feedback from different sources. Also, they can choose to self-publish online or work with publishers.

New tech, like the Hasdx model, is making designs more detailed and unique. This 7.2 GB model is great for adult colouring books. Brands can add their own style and choose themes that make their books stand out. This can help increase brand awareness and keep customers coming back.

These books mix fun, relaxation, and getting your brand out there. Using them the right way in marketing can do wonders. They work well in many situations, like online campaigns, giving at events, or for your own team. They’re a fresh way to share your brand’s tale and connect with people.


What are the benefits of using custom colouring books for brand marketing?

Custom colouring books mix creativity, relaxation, and brand visibility in a unique way. They make happy memories for customers. This boosts how well they remember the brand and helps keep them coming back.

Why have adult colouring books gained popularity?

Adult colouring books became popular because they’re calming and reduce stress and anxiety. They’re loved by many, from young adults to those who enjoy wellness. They are a great way to unwind and focus.

How can businesses use custom colouring books as a promotional tool?

Custom colouring books can make marketing more powerful. They help increase awareness about the brand. They are special because they are both useful and memorable to customers.

What factors should be considered when designing a custom colouring book?

Include your brand’s logos and colours in the design. Pick themes that match your brand and appeal to your audience. Choose good quality paper, like 120gsm to 140gsm, for the best colouring results.

How can businesses target the right audience with custom colouring books?

Focus on what your audience likes when picking designs and themes. Young people like fun and creativity. Those into wellness seek relaxation. Workplaces can use them for stress relief.

How can custom colouring books be integrated into marketing strategies?

Businesses could run social media contests or give them away at events. They can also use them for team-building activities. These ideas build a positive image for the brand and help keep customers loyal.

What is the psychology behind colouring and brand association?

Colouring makes you feel good about brands. It’s calming and cuts stress, making people feel better about the brand. Practising it makes you remember the brand warmly, encouraging loyalty.

How can businesses measure the success of a custom colouring book campaign?

Look at the engagement levels, what people say about the brand, and if sales increased. Positive feedback and better sales show the campaign worked well.

What printing and production factors should be considered for custom colouring books?

Think about using a professional print service, good paper, and proper binding. A great cover design is also crucial. Find the best balance between quality and cost for an attractive product.

How can businesses leverage National Colouring Book Day for brand promotion?

Plan special promotions or new colouring books for August 2nd. Use social media to build excitement through contests. Considerations could include joining forces with artists or influencers to boost your reach.

Custom Coloring Books