Custom Colouring Book Printing – How to Make it Stand Out

Custom Colouring Book

Custom colouring books have become a hit in Australia, especially since 2012. They’re loved by both adults and kids for stress relief and fun. If you want your colouring book to stand out, you need a unique touch. Sorcha, from MVP Print, has noticed more adults buying these books and shares his tips. He says using special sizes, easy-to-use designs, and top-notch pictures can make your book shine. Follow these ten tips to make a custom colouring book that’s a special gift and a piece of art for Aussies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-publishing custom colouring books is a growing trend in Australia since 2012.
  • Popular themes for adults include mandalas, nature, and wise sayings, while children prefer animals, princesses, and superheroes.
  • High-resolution illustrations significantly enhance the attractiveness and value of colouring books.
  • Using digital publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing gives creators more control and profit potential.
  • Quality paper stock for the cover and inside pages is crucial for a premium colouring experience.
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are effective marketing channels.
  • Choosing the right theme is essential for the success and engagement of a colouring book.

Understanding Your Audience

To make a custom colouring book that stands out in Australia, start with your audience. Knowing who will use the book helps you make it just right for them. This makes it more fun and engaging for them.

Identifying Age Groups

Each age group likes different things in colouring books. Kids’ books are simple with big lines and show animals or heroes. For adults, books have detailed patterns of flowers, buildings, and more. Choosing the right age group helps decide how complex the pictures should be. This ensures everyone can find some peace and calm while colouring.

  • Children: Cute collection of simple designs, animals, superheroes
  • Adults: Intricate patterns, flowers, landmarks

Considering User Preferences

Knowing what your audience likes is key. Themes vary by age, from fun for kids to detailed for grown-ups. Things like the book’s binding also matter. This can make the book easier to use. It’s all about making a book that fits your users perfectly.

  1. Themes: Animals, nature, mandalas, superheroes
  2. Binding: Spiral binding, perfect binding

Keeping up with market trends is crucial. Market trends show what’s popular, like adults wanting to relax and get in touch with their creative side. In Australia, people also love unique, personalisable items. These trends help you pick themes and designs that your audience will love.

Market TrendFocusBeneficiary
Relaxation and Stress ReliefIntricate Patterns, Mindfulness ThemesAdults
Personalisable ProductsCustomisable Themes, Unique BindingsAll Age Groups
Therapeutic BenefitsInteractive Features, Inspirational QuotesChildren, Adults

Selecting a Unique Theme

Choosing a unique theme is key when creating a custom colouring book. It should catch the eye of many people. This makes their colouring time fun and memorable.

For adults, themes that relax and de-stress are essential. They enjoy themes like:

  • Mandalas: These designs are known to calm and bring focus. They are very liked for this reason.
  • Nature: Drawings of natural scenes, plants, and animals refresh the mind. This makes them popular for relaxation.
  • Wise Sayings: Encouraging words mix with beautiful designs. They add joy and positive thoughts while colouring.

Kid-Friendly Themes

For children’s colouring books, themes should be fun and engaging. Kids love themes like:

  • Princesses: Princess stories with their magical worlds are always a hit.
  • Superheroes: Children adore the excitement of superhero stories. They dream big through these themes.
  • Animals: Animal themes are both cute and educational. They help children learn about various animals and the natural world.

Choosing the right theme for the age group is critical. It makes your coloring books special. Mix these themes with great art and design for a quality colouring time.

Creating Eye-Catching Cover Designs for your custom colouring book

Custom Colouring Book

The cover design is the first thing people notice about your custom colouring book. The front, back, and spine are all important. They show the book’s quality and theme well.

Designing the Front Cover

The front cover is super important. It should have a top quality design in full colour. Choose typography, images, and colours that match your book’s content and who it’s for. Tips from professionals suggest carefully balancing these to make a strong first impression.

Importance of the Back Cover

The back cover is key for drawing in readers. It’s your chance to show a bit of the book’s art and share reviews. This gives the book more credibility and makes it more appealing. Ensure its design fits well with the front to maintain quality.

And don’t forget the Inside Front Cover and the Inside Back Cover ! These spaces are often overlooked.. the inside cover spaces provide extra oppotunities to promote your book or pay homage to those that assisted with its production.

How the Spine Contributes

The spine is often overlooked but very important on a bookshelf. A well-designed spine helps to connect the front and back covers. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. This makes the book look finished and professional.

Below is a detailed table showcasing the comparative importance of the front cover, back cover, and spine in book cover design:

AspectFunctionDesign TipsVisual Impact
Front CoverPrimary attraction; sets the theme and toneUse high-quality images, aligned typography, and vibrant coloursHigh – First point of engagement
Back CoverProvides additional information; entices buyers with previewsInclude snippets of the interior content, consistent design elementsMedium – Supports the front cover’s appeal
SpineSupports structural integrity; enhances shelf presenceEnsure clear, readable text; maintain colour continuityMedium – Essential for book identification

Enhancing with High-Resolution Images

Using high-resolution images in your custom coloring book takes it to the next level. These images are clear and sharp, making every page exciting and beautiful. Studies show that high-quality digital pictures make your book more appealing and valuable.

When you make a coloring book, keeping the artwork details is key. Artists and designers use top-notch software or good scanners to digitize their work. This keeps every small detail, giving people a great coloring experience.

It’s vital to get the printing right for your coloring book. Good printing keeps the images sharp and bright. This not only makes your book seem better but also shows how professional and dedicated you are.

Adding high-resolution images is crucial for making readers love your book. They make the book more fun and immersive. With amazing pictures and excellent printing, your coloring book can grab the attention of many people.

High-Resolution ImagesEnsures clarity and defined details in colouring book pages
Digital IllustrationsAllows for enhanced creativity and precision in designs
Quality PrintMaintains the integrity of printed images, offering a premium experience
Digital FilesEnables easy conversion and high-quality printing of artwork
Appealing ContentEngages users, making the colouring book more attractive

Choosing Quality Paper Stock


Choosing the right paper is key for a great colouring book. It affects how it feels and its durability. This, in turn, makes colouring a joy.

Benefits of Thicker Paper

Thicker paper has many perks. It feels more premium and is strong, stopping colours from showing through. This way, both sides of the page can be used. Thicker paper also makes colours look brighter, leading to better prints. Aim for papers between 70 to 100 lbs (100 to 150 gsm) for the best balance of price and quality.

Options for Interior Pages

You need to think about what paper to use inside the book carefully. The choice should match the project’s size and who will use it. You can pick from glossy, matte, or textured finishes. These alter how the paper feels, absorbs ink, and how durable it is when using erasers. Using special papers like cardstock or watercolor can stop colours from bleeding through and give a top-notch colouring experience.

Paper WeightBenefitsUses
70-100 lbs (100-150 gsm)Prevents bleed-through, durableIdeal for colouring books
GlossyEnhanced colour vibrancyProfessional designs
MatteGood ink absorptionGeneral use
TexturedSuperior grip, erasing durabilityDetailed artwork

So, the paper you choose affects the final product a lot. Picking thicker and suitable paper can leave a great impression on those using the colouring book.

Printing Designs on One Side

Printing on one side of the page has many benefits for users. It stops colours from getting through to the other side. This means people can take out their drawings and show them off without ruining the rest of the book.

Advantages for Users

Having designs on one side makes the colouring process neat. This lets people use markers and paints freely. It’s great for adult colouring books with detailed patterns that need clear, high-quality prints.

  • Minimises bleed-through, protecting adjacent pages
  • Permits removal of pages for framing or display
  • Supports the use of diverse colouring mediums without compromise

Improving Print Quality

Printing on one side boosts the quality of each picture. This way, the colours pop and the book looks much better. It’s key to keep the page count right, especially for hardback books which can hold up to 800 pages.

For big printing jobs, offset printing is cost-effective and keeps quality up. Choosing one-side designs helps artists and businesses make high-quality colouring books. It also saves money on bulk orders.

Creative Layout and Page Orientation

The success of a custom colouring book relies on its layout and orientation. A well-planned design makes the book look good and work well. The format turns a batch of drawings into a special creative item.

Consistent Page Orientation

Keeping pages in the same direction is very important. If they’re not the same, users might feel lost. It doesn’t matter if the book is held up or wide. Being the same, it helps everyone enjoy colouring without trouble.

Visualising Layouts

Seeing the layout before it’s final makes the book’s format nice and clear. Tools like PicMonkey let you plan with many pages. This means being totally in control. You can add spaces between pages and other bits that make the book better. You can turn old images into all kinds of cool books, like ones about stories, the human body, or old ads.

Adding public domain images to the mix with special style effects like Tri-X and Warhol can add a special touch. This makes the book look unique. And it still stays fun and clear to use.

Design ElementConsiderationImpact
Page OrientationConsistencyEnhances user experience, prevents disruption
Layout VisualisationPlanning with toolsCreates structured and appealing format
Public Domain ImagesUse effects like Tri-X, WarholAdds artistic flair, enhances visual appeal

Thinking hard about layout and the way the pages face improves your colouring book a lot. It looks great and is easy and fun to use. Plus, it makes your book really stand out. And if the print goes to the edge, dont forget to add bleed and trim lines !

Binding Options for Your custom colouring book

The binding options for custom colouring books affect how good they feel and work. It’s important to pick the right one for different uses and likes.

Spiral Coil and Wire-O Binding options are very liked for colouring books. They let the book open flat. This is great for easily colouring without pages flipping. They’re best for custom-sized colouring books from 3.74″ to 11.69.

Saddle stitching is good for colouring books with few pages, usually in sets of 4. It’s cheap, fast, and looks neat, so it’s perfect for small or promo projects.

Perfect binding gives a professional, neat finish. It’s good for books with more pages, up to 800. The cover is strong, with options for special finishes like spot UV or foil stamping.

And then, there’s digital colouring books. They don’t need physical bindings at all. They’re for people who like colouring on tablets or computers, anytime and anywhere.

MVP Print can guide you on what binding to choose. They’ll consider your book’s size, page count, and how you want it to look and feel.

Promoting and Marketing Your Custom Colouring Book

Marketing Custom Colouring Book

Marketing your custom colouring book well can make it stand out and sell more. It’s vital to use online platforms to show it in a good light.

Utilising Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for showing off your colouring book. Share top-notch photos of your book and scenes of people enjoying it. This draws people in. Posting often and talking with followers helps build your fan base. Don’t forget to use popular hashtags to get more noticed.

Leveraging Influencers

Working with influencers who love art can really boost your book’s reach. They can introduce your book to a lot of new people in a fresh way. Unboxing videos and reviews can also make your book more popular. It gives your book a professional look.

There’s been a big increase in adult custom colouring books recently. This is a great chance for you if you’re thinking about self-publishing. Platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing let you control how your book is seen and sold. They also give a chance to connect directly with buyers who want quality at a reasonable price.

  • World Book Day, celebrated nearly everywhere, is a perfect time to show off your book.
  • Research shows that colouring books make people feel happier and less stressed. They’ve been especially popular during times when fun at home is important, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

By combining online presence with influencer help, you can make your colouring book really pop. Also, tying your promotions to special days, like National Colouring Book Day, can give your book a sales boost.

Social MediaUsing Instagram and Pinterest for visual promotion.Reaches broader audience, builds brand loyalty.
InfluencersCollaborating with influencers for reviews and live sessions.Enhances credibility, attracts targeted followers.
Self-PublishingUtilising Kindle Direct Publishing for broader reach.Greater control over distribution and profits.


Creating custom colouring books is a rewarding journey. It’s all about knowing who you’re making them for. Adults love relaxing colours, while kids enjoy fun drawings of animals and heroes. Choose a theme that fits your audience’s taste. Use clear and attractive images to make your book shine.

The paper quality matters a lot too. It affects how colours look and the book’s overall quality. Pick between 120gsm or 140gsm Laser Bond stock for a nice feel. Also, think about how the book will open and what it’ll look like. Using good binding like wire-o or perfect binding helps people enjoy the book more.

To complete your book’s success, marketing is key. Use social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Working with influencers can also help get your book noticed. If you publish it yourself using Kindle Direct Publishing, you can control everything. Show off your unique style with great, thoughtful designs. By doing these things well, your custom book can really make a mark in the creative market in Australia.


What are the best themes for adult colouring books?

Adults find joy in mandalas, nature settings, and uplifting quotes. They’re perfect for de-stressing and offering relaxation through colouring. These themes are very popular for adult colouring books.

How do I choose a theme for a children’s colouring book?

Children love animals, princesses, heroes, and fun learning tasks. It’s important to pick themes that match what children find exciting. This choice makes colouring more fun for kids.

What type of binding should I use for my colouring book?

Choose binding based on book size and use. Spiral and wire-o let the book lay flat, making colouring easy. For small books, saddle stitch works well. Perfect binding gives a neat finish for big books.

Why is the cover design so important for a custom colouring book?

The cover grabs buyers’ attention. A beautiful, colourful design sets the tone. A well-designed back can show off the art inside, tempting customers to buy.

Should I consider printing designs on one side of the page?

Yes, printing on one side has many upsides. It stops colours from leaking through and lets you easily pull out and show off pages. This choice also lifts the quality of the printing, displaying the artist’s work without problems.

How do high-resolution images impact the quality of my custom colouring book?

High-res images make every page sharp and clear, improving the colouring experience. They also highlight your brand’s professionalism. Good visuals are key for a top-notch product.

What should I look for in terms of paper quality for my custom colouring book?

Thicker paper feels better and lasts longer but also stops colours from seeping through. Exploring different paper types for the inside enables a tailored, pleasant feel.

How can I effectively market my custom colouring book?

Show your book off on social media with eye-catching artwork. Working with influencers can extend your reach. Also, platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing help you sell your book while keeping control over it.

What are the benefits of understanding your audience when creating a colouring book?

Knowing your audience means you can pick designs and themes they’ll love. Adults might want detailed patterns for stress relief, while kids will go for simpler, fun topics. Choosing with your audience in mind helps make a book people want.

How important is the layout and page orientation in a custom colouring book?

A well-planned layout and orientation ensure the book looks good and is easy to use. Consistent page orientation aids in smooth colouring, while a thoughtful layout makes the book more united and fun to use.

Custom Colouring Book