Printing on Postcards : What’s Hot in 2024?

Hot printing on postcards

In the fast-evolving landscape of print marketing, printing on postcards remains a timeless and effective tool for businesses to connect with their audience.

As we step into 2024, the world of Full Colour postcard printing is witnessing exciting trends that are reshaping the way businesses communicate. In this blog, we’ll explore the hottest trends for postcard printing in 2024, brought to you by the experts at MVP Print.

Incorporating QR Codes for Interactive Engagement

QR Code for printing on Postcards

The Rise of QR Codes

One of the most prominent trends in postcard printing for 2024 is the widespread use of Quick Response (QR) codes. These matrix barcodes enable seamless interaction between print and digital media.

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, QR codes empower businesses to bridge the gap between physical and online marketing.

How to Incorporate QR Codes when Printing on Postcards

MVP Print recommends integrating QR codes strategically on your postcard design. These codes can lead recipients to exclusive online content, discounts, or promotional videos.

By doing so, businesses enhance customer engagement and provide a memorable, interactive experience.

Best Color Schemes for Maximum Impact

Colour Printing on Postcards

Embracing Vibrancy when Printing on Postcards

In 2024, vibrant and bold colour schemes take centre stage in postcard printing. Eye-catching Full Colour Printing not only grabs attention but also conveys the brand’s personality.

Here at MVP Print, we suggest experimenting with colour combinations that resonate with the brand message while ensuring readability.

The Power of Personalization

Personalized postcards continue to be a trend in 2024, with businesses using colours that align with their brand identity. Customizing postcards to match specific campaigns or seasons adds a personal touch that resonates with recipients.

To Design or Not to Design ?

Yoda on Postcards

These days, everyone is a designer! Its not a bad thing doing your own design, but designing in Canva (or similar) might be easy, but it may not get you the result you are looking for.

Professional Design Services are trained on how to layout and use full-colour imagery to best promote your product or service. Additionally, most people don’t know what bleed in print is (where the print goes to the edge), what resolution to use, what overprint is…etc etc.

If you can do all that – you are in the top bracket and probably don’t need a designer. If not, it might be worth considering before you simply upload a postcard design file that is not print-ready, or has issues.

Paper Options: Choosing the Right Texture and Weight for Printing on Postcards

Texture Matters

Linen stock

Texture plays a crucial role in the tactile experience of a postcard. In 2024, textured papers are gaining popularity for their ability to evoke emotions and create a lasting impression.

It’s best to experiment with textures that complement the brand’s image, whether it’s a sleek gloss or a rustic matte finish.

Different Stock Types for Printing on Postcards

When Custom Postcard Printing, aside from unique textured paper stocks, the more common coated paper options are Gloss or Matt. These are typically the best value postcards printed in Australia and are still considered a premium products.

Typically, 90% of the artwork we print on Postcard Designs are Full Colour Printing (both sides) on either DL Postcards or A6 Postcards.

Whilst they may not be as unique as say, a textured postcard, they are the most cost-effective


Laminate for printing on postcards
Laminating Machine

To go one step further when creating Custom Postcards, clients often will laminate (or Celloglaze) their Postcards.

This enhances the postcard’s strength and adds extra durability and viability to the product.

Finding the Ideal Weight for Postcard Printing

The weight of the paper used for postcards is another consideration. Heavier cardstock provides durability and a premium feel, ensuring that the postcard stands out in the recipient’s hands.

When Printing Postcards, ensure your stock weight is at least 300gsm. Remember, it’s not a flyer – its a more durable, tangible Full-Colour Postcard.

Choose a weight that aligns with their brand image and the message they want to convey.

Postcard Sizes: Breaking Away from Tradition

Paper sizes

Beyond Standard Sizes

In 2024, businesses are breaking away from traditional postcard size options (DL Postcards and A6 Postcards) to stand out in the mailbox. MVP Print suggests experimenting with unconventional shapes and sizes that capture attention.

There is nothing wrong at all with traditional sizes (DL Postcards at 210 x 99mm, or A6 Postcards at 148 x 105mm). They are more cost effective than some custom postcard sizes.

Whether it’s a square postcard or a die-cut design, choosing a unique format can make a significant impact.

Size and Readability

While exploring different sizes, it’s crucial to balance creativity with readability.

It’s important to ensure that the chosen size allows for clear communication of the intended message without overwhelming the recipient.

Extra Finishing Options

Printing on postcards gold
Printing on postcard gold

Got a bigger budget and want to go super fancy? Aside from die-cutting, you could try a custom design with a Spot UV finish, or traditional Spot Gloss Varnish.

Alternatively, you could opt for Metallic Inks or a Gold Foil finish. Bear in mind though, that these postcard design options cost extra, and are Offset options, so not viable for Postcard Printing in small quantities.

Creative Ideas for Promoting Business via Printing on Postcards

Storytelling Through Imagery


Visual storytelling remains a powerful tool in postcard marketing. Use compelling imagery that tells a story and elicits an emotional response, depending on what you are looking to achieve….typically it’s best to use the `solve a problem’ angle.

This approach helps create a connection with the audience, making the postcard more memorable.

Ad almost without saying, branding is critical. From a brand perspective, your Logo needs to be prevalent, along with contact details, Unique Selling Points about your Business.

Limited-Time Offers and Coupons when Printing on Postcards

Incorporating limited-time offers or coupons on postcards is a timeless strategy for driving customer engagement. We suggest using Business Postcards to deliver exclusive discounts or promotions, encouraging recipients to take immediate action.

Variable Data Personalised Postcards

Variable Data

Variable Data is where we digitally Print Postcards and apply your data (Clients’ names, addresses etc) directly onto each Postcard Print.

Thus when your business is marketing to a customer list, we print differing customer details onto each Postcard. This printed option takes your direct marketing to a new level, with a direct message to an existing client via one of the best-proven ROI marketing activities out there – Printed Full Colour Postcards.

Event Invitations and Announcements when Printing on Postcards

Postcards serve as excellent tools for announcing events or inviting customers to special occasions.

Its best to use postcards to create anticipation and excitement around product launches, grand openings, or exclusive gatherings.

Weight it all up…. and make your move !

weigh it up postcard printing

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of postcard printing in 2024, it’s evident that creativity and innovation are at the forefront.

Businesses partnering with MVP Print can leverage these trends to create impactful postcards that not only captivate recipients but also drive tangible results. Save time by utilising an industry leader who knows what works when it comes to personalised postcard printing.

By incorporating QR codes, embracing vibrant color schemes, selecting the right paper options, exploring unique postcard sizes, and implementing creative ideas, businesses can unlock the full potential of postcard marketing in the digital age.

Stay ahead of the curve with MVP Print, where printing meets innovation.