QR Business Cards – a Marketing Game-Changer

QR Business Cards

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression. One innovative tool that has gained significant traction in recent times is the QR code, particularly when incorporated into QR business cards.

In this article, MVP Print explores why QR codes are a game-changer for business card marketing.

The Rise of QR Business Cards

QR Business Card Printing

QR codes have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, from restaurant menus to event registrations. Business cards, a traditional networking tool, have now joined the QR revolution.

Here at MVP Print, we recognise the power of QR Code business cards in seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms.

How QR Codes work ?

How QR Code Cards work

Incorporating QR codes into business cards allows for dynamic and interactive connections. Instead of relying solely on static information like a phone number or email address, QR Code Business Cards empower recipients to access a wealth of information to an online destination with a simple scan on any device.

Marketing Power Unleashed

Unlocking Digital Engagement

QR Code business cards serve as a gateway to a digital marketing treasure trove. When scanned, these QR codes can direct users to a website landing page, a LinkedIn profile, social media platforms, a promotional video, online photo gallery, or any other online resource/contact details quickly and effectively..

This dynamic engagement goes beyond the limitations of traditional business cards, opening up new possibilities for showcasing products, portfolios, or promotions. Introducing this level of tech savviness will create `next level’ marketing, and instant increased exposure to your customers previously unobtainable, via a simple QR Code Link.

Analytics for Informed Marketing

MVP Print recognizes the importance of data-driven marketing. QR code Business Cards provide valuable analytics, offering insights into user engagement.

Businesses can track how many times their QR code is scanned, the geographical locations of scans, and the devices used.

This data empowers businesses to refine their marketing strategies based on real-time user behaviour. With this data, you can create remarketing strategies, formulate a powerful follow up system, and gain a plethora of potential clients previously inaccessible.

Crafting the Perfect QR Business Card

Types of Business Cards

Business Card Paper Stocks

Choosing the right type of business card is crucial for a successful QR code integration. MVP Print offers a variety of different paper stocks, including standard cards, premium cards, and speciality cards.

Short Print runs can be done to produce a digital business card, or alternatively, we use Offset technology to produce a QR Code business card in the 10000 + Qty range

The type of QR code Business Card card selected can convey the brand image and impact the recipient’s perception.

Standard Business Cards

Ideal for cost-effective mass distribution, standard business cards are a classic choice. It’s important that your print services provider ensures high-quality printing, maintaining a professional appearance while keeping the budget in check when producing QR Busines Cards.

Premium Business Cards

For those aiming to make a lasting impression with Business Cards, premium business cards are the way to go.

Thicker card stock, unique finishes, and custom designs elevate the brand’s perceived value. QR codes on premium cards become part of a cohesive and impressive branding package.

Specialty Business Cards

Innovative businesses can opt for speciality QR Code business cards, which come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

Whether it’s a die-cut card, rounded corners, embossed gloss card, foil accent or a textured stock, these cards grab attention and leave a memorable impression.

QR codes on speciality paper add a modern touch to traditional craftsmanship.

Business Card Size

Rounded Corners

QR Code Business Cards can be printed on conventional sizes (90x55mm, 90x54mm), but can be printed on whatever custom size or special paper you like!

If you are after a square shape, square Business Cards can offer a eye-catching alternative. As long as it fits your QR Code and has all the details you require (Logo, contact details, QR Code etc), get as create as you like !

Stock Weight Matters

The choice of card stock weight contributes to the card’s durability and perceived quality. MVP Print offers a range of stock weights to suit different preferences.

A heavier stock conveys a sense of substance and importance, enhancing the overall impression of the business card.

Elevating the Experience with Finishing Options

Matte,Glossy or Velvet Finish

Velvet, Gloss or Matt Laminate

The finishing touch on a business card can significantly impact its visual appeal and tactile experience. MVP Print understands the importance of choosing the right finish for QR business cards.

Matte Finish

A matte finish provides a sophisticated and elegant look. It minimizes glare and fingerprints, making it ideal for cards with a lot of text or intricate designs.

The subtle and smooth texture adds a touch of class to QR business cards.

Glossy Finish

For a vibrant and eye-catching appearance, a glossy finish is a popular choice. The reflective surface enhances colours and images, making it suitable for bold designs and high-impact visuals.

QR codes on glossy cards stand out, ensuring they capture attention during networking events.

Velvet Finish

relatively new, a Velvet Laminate/celloglaze is an up-and-coming finish offering a soft, velvety texture. It adds a luxurious feel to business cards, making them stand out from traditional finishes.

The subtle texture also helps minimize fingerprints and scratches, ensuring the card remains pristine.

Fast Turnaround for Time-Sensitive Needs

Fast turnaround for QR Business Cards

In the fast-paced business world, timing is often critical. MVP Print understands the importance of quick turnaround times for business cards.

Whether it’s a last-minute networking event or an unexpected meeting, businesses can rely on MVP Print to deliver high-quality QR business cards promptly. Check out our Same Day Dispatch and Next Day Dispatch options

How to Obtain A QR Code ?

Obtaining a Custom QR code is a simple process that can be done online for free. Some websites and applications allow you to generate a QR code by simply entering the desired information or link.

Most QR Codes providers cater for smart scanning technology, and offer automatically generated codes for your convenience.

You can also Tailor the design, colour, and size of your Custom QR code to match your business card’s aesthetic.

Once you have generated your own QR codes, you can download them and add them to your business card design. It is important to make sure the QR code is clear and easy to scan, so be sure to test it before finalizing your design.

Design Tips for Business Cards with QR Codes

Graphics Designing for Printing

When incorporating QR code templates into business card designs, there are a few key tips to keep in mind to ensure you have implemented your QR Codes correctly.:

  • Ensure the QR code is large enough to be easily scanned
  • Use a high-contrast colour for the QR code to make it stand out
  • Place the QR code in an uncluttered area of the card, preferably with a solid background
  • Provide a clear call-to-action near the QR code, such as “Scan here for more information” or “Visit our website” Place near other contact details such as social media account icons, website url/web store, or any other business information.

QR Business Cards – a key linking tool

QR Business Cards

As we navigate the evolving landscape of business marketing, embracing innovative tools like QR business cards is essential.

MVP Print recognizes the potential of QR codes in transforming traditional business cards into dynamic, interactive marketing tools. We have all the available options required to make your card a success.

By offering a variety of card types, stock weights, finishing options, and fast turnaround times, MVP Print ensures businesses can make a lasting impression in the digital age.

Elevate your business card game with QR codes – the game-changer in business card marketing.