The Benefits of Supporting Australian Printer Businesses

When it comes to choosing a printer for your business, you may consider sourcing from China. However, there are numerous advantages to buying print from an Australian printer over Chinese printers that should not be overlooked.

From quality to cost savings and beyond, supporting local printing businesses is sure to pay off in the long run.

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Cost Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of buying print from an Australian printer is the cost savings that come with it.

This is because businesses can avoid hidden duties, taxes and other fees associated with importing items from overseas.

As a result, you’ll be able to save money on print and printing materials without sacrificing quality.

Many people think of outsourcing to China and automatically the print price will be cheaper. In some cases – yes.. but there are horror stories around the final delivered product quality (Not all, but a lot !)

Australian Printer Cost savings
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Superior Australian Printer Quality

One of the biggest benefits of working with an Australian printer is the print quality you can expect.

With China-based printing companies, there’s often a risk that the end print product won’t meet your expectations due to factors such as language barriers and lack of understanding requirements.

When working with a local printer, you’ll be able to communicate your needs clearly and get a Print product that meets them. This is especially true when it comes to printing materials like business cards, flyers or brochures – they need to look good in order to make an impact on potential customers.


Reliability by using an Australian Printer

Another advantage of buying print from an Australian printer is that you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a reliable product.

Local printers are more likely to be able to meet your deadlines, as well as understand the finer details of what you need from them.

This reduces the risk of delays and miscommunications due to time-zone differences or language barriers.

Supporting Local Economies

By choosing an Australian printer, you’ll also be supporting local businesses in your area as well as helping create jobs.

Not only will you be helping to stimulate the Australian economy, but you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your money is going back into the community.

This can create positive vibes throughout your business and could potentially open up new opportunities down the line.

Environmental Benefits of using an Australian Printer

Furthermore, opting for an Australian Printer is a great way to lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Shipping items from overseas results in a large amount of emissions being released into the atmosphere, which can be avoided by choosing an Australian printer.

By doing so, you’ll also be able to reduce costs associated with delivery and have a measurable impact on reducing your environmental impact.

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Fast Turnaround Times

Finally, when you choose an Australian print service, you can expect faster turnaround times than with overseas printers.

This is especially beneficial if you require rush orders or have tight time frames for completion. With local printers, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the team and provide clear instructions to ensure that your print goods are delivered on time.

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Buy Australian !

The Dollars you spend in Australia should stay in Australia.

Keeping profits in the country leads to better wages, working conditions and business practices.

So next time you consider printing your needs, shop local for a range of benefits – including supporting the people and communities that created them.


You can claim back GST on locally purchased Product!

If you are a business or an individual that purchases print goods within Australia you are entitled to claim back GST on printing services.

This can reduce your costs significantly and ensure that the final print product is of higher quality at a lower cost than going overseas.

As long as you have proof of purchase for print, this money can be claimed back when you do your taxes. Whereas if you buy a Chinese print product, GST cannot be claimed back.

With an Australian Printer, You will be buying to Australian Safety, Quality and Environmental standards!

By printing locally, you can be sure that your print products are made to Australian standards and in accordance with the law.

This means that they will be made to an acceptable level of safety, quality, and environmental regulations.

Overseas printers often don’t have to adhere to the same stringent rules which opens up a wide variety of risks for buyers.

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Customer Service and After-Sales Service

Printing isn’t always as simple as it seems. You might have specific requests or questions about the printing process that require hands-on help from an experienced print professional.

With Australian Printers, you’ll be able to quickly get in touch with them through emails or phone calls. This means you can get personalized advice quickly and get your printing project done in a timely manner.

Chinese printers on the other hand may not respond to inquiries as quickly or even at all. This makes it difficult to resolve any issues that may arise with printed material and can ultimately cost you money in the long run.

Assistance and Support with Artwork from an Australian Printer

Having artwork that is ready to be printed correctly is a key component of the printing process. Your Australian printer may also offer assistance with this step, ensuring that your design meets the necessary printing requirements.

Again, Chinese printers may not have the same expertise or capability when it comes to helping you create artwork for print and you could end up having to spend more money on additional design services.

Language barriers can also cause delays or confusion when looking to make your Artwork Print Ready

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Short Print Runs

If you’re looking to print in small quantities, Australian printers are your go-to option.

Because of the large scale of Chinese printers and their set-up costs they often require larger print runs with minimum order requirements.

This can be a costly barrier for those who only need to print a low quantity or one-off job, where the best print prices will be available.

Australian printers are more likely to have the flexibility to handle smaller batches with fewer restrictions, making them a great option for those who don’t need large amounts of printed material.

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Post Covid19 Shipping price increases

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the shipping industry, with increased prices and delays.

Due to these price increases, it can become even more costly to ship products from China as compared to Australian printers.

For example, pre-COVID-19 A 40-foot container of stock from China into Sydney or Melbourne would cost about 300 Australian dollars. Now it is closer to 10K !

When you buy from an Australian printer, you don’t need to worry about added costs due to delays or additional shipping charges.


So support Australian Made and Owned. It may just help someone to keep their job with your support.

Life in Australia has always been to help out your mates. And in the end, in Australia, we are all mates. Bloody Oath we are !