Print Colouring Book: From Digital Design to Physical Copy

Print Colouring Book

The print colouring book shines in the world of creativity. It lets you make your own special colouring book. This is perfect for anyone, from artists to businesses wanting to reach more people.

Making your colouring book is easy but impactful. Just choose your best prints or a theme and print it professionally. This can be just for fun, for promotions, or to sell. Make sure the pictures and themes are what your audience loves, whether they are kids or adults.

Print colouring books can also make good money. Top brands can make up to $10,000 a month! But to get there, you must learn how to turn your digital designs into a book. You need to pick the right paper and binding too.

In this article, you’ll learn a lot about the print colouring book world. We’ll help you from designing to selling. This guide is for everyone, from those already creating to those new to coloring books. It will show you how to succeed and maybe make a new source of income.

What is a Print Colouring Book?

Understanding the Concept

A print colouring book is your own designed book. It’s professionally printed and made into a book. You get to put in your own artwork and pick a theme.

This way, you can make a coloring book just right for your audience. Whether it’s for kids or grown-ups. Colouring books are loved by many, and there are a lot to choose from.

Benefits of Colouring Books for All Ages

The market for adult colouring books is growing fast. Artists and businesses can do well, making from $500 to $10,000 a month. Printing them is low cost, especially when done in large amounts.

They’re usually black and white inside. But, they can have colour on the cover, making them look more valuable.

Design and Create Your Colouring Book

Graphics Designer

When you create a print colouring book, start by picking a theme and illustrations. They can come from your brand, a favourite topic, or a story. Use detailed and quirky pictures. This makes the colouring a fun and interesting activity.

Choosing Your Theme and Illustrations

Your book’s theme is crucial. It guides your illustrations and art. Nature and animals are great themes. So are patterns and abstract designs. Think about themes that match your brand or interest your readers. This will make your book more engaging.

Crafting Engaging and Intricate Artwork

Focus on making your illustrations detailed and interesting. This will challenge and please your audience. The finer the details, the more fun and engaging it will be to colour. So, spend time to create artwork that makes sure your pictures are beautifully crafted.

Printing QuantityUnit Price (GST Exclusive)Total Price (GST Exclusive)

Selecting the Right Paper Stock

Paper Stock

Choosing the right paper for your colouring book is important. It depends on what you’ll use, like crayons, pencils, or markers. The feel and weight of the paper affect how colours look and how you enjoy colouring.

Paper Types for Different Mediums

Colouring books need paper thickness levels that can handle different colours without bleeding. Lighter interior pages (100gsm and below) are good for daily use. Medium papers (80Lb-60Lb) suit brochures well. Heavy papers (100Lb and above) work for strong prints.

For items like magazines, choose coated papers. They have a glossy finish. Use uncoated paper for writing or drawing, like book pages. The choice depends on how you want your project to look.

Considerations for Print Quality

The quality of paper in your book matters a lot. Thick papers like Bristol can hold more colour without smudging. Paper can be measured in pounds or grams per square meter. Higher numbers mean thicker paper.

Paper WeightTypical Applications
Lightweight (100gsm and below)Everyday printing needs
Medium weight (128gsm to 150gsm)Brochures and presentations
Heavyweight (300gsm and above)Business cards, postcards, high-quality prints

The best paper weight changes with the printer and look you want. Brands like Spicers and Ball & Doggett make great paper for different mediums. Picking the right paper is key for a good result.

For a Custom Colouring Book, a good balance between a front cover and back cover, in relation to the inside pages, is paramount. The Cover design is the hook, but the book needds to be quality to earn the buyer’s respect at the time of purchase. Also pay attention to the inside front cover for additional info and to build credibility. Buyer like references !

Binding Options for Colouring Books

When making your colouring book, you’ll choose how it’s bound. There are many popular choices for you. The way it’s bound affects how strong, useful, and easy it is to use.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitch binding is a simple and cheap option. Your book’s pages get stapled at the spine. It lets your book lay flat, which is great for colouring. It’s best for books with up to 48 pages.

Perfect Binding

For bigger colouring books or those with thin pages, perfect binding is great. The pages are glued together at the spine. This makes your book look and feel smooth and professional. It suits books with more pages well.

Coil Binding

Coil binding is good because the book can open and lay flat. This is useful for colouring. It’s a good choice for any colouring book.

When you pick how to bind your colouring book, think about the number of pages and the type of paper. Also, consider how you want people to use the book. Making the right choice is key to meeting your readers’ needs.

The Potential of Print Colouring Books

Print Colouring Book

The adult colouring book business is booming. It offers a way for entrepreneurs and artists to make money. They can use their creative skills to run successful businesses. This market’s growth presents a great chance for these individuals to shine.

Profitability and Revenue Streams

Your custom colouring book could earn you a nice sum. It might bring in between $500 and $3,500 each month. The top performers, however, make up to $10,000 every month. This shows how profitable this creative industry can be.

Branding and Promotional Opportunities

Print colouring books are not just about money. They also serve as a unique branding and promotion tool. You can connect your book to your brand or start a new one. This can help you reach more people and boost your visibility.

Using social media, working with influencers, and joining local events can make your book even more popular. It could also help you sell more books and get your name out there.

Printing Your Colouring Book with MVP Print

MVP Prit Saddle Stitch Bound Book

Printing a custom colouring book is easy with MVP Print. They’re trusted for their advice on paper and print quality. Their guidance makes custom projects a breeze.

Converting Digital Files for Printing

MVP Print excels in making custom colouring books stand out. They pay close attention to paper, cutting via accurate trim lines and binding. And they help turn your digital files into ready-to-print documents with care.

Ordering and Printing Processes

The MVP Print team is all about great colouring books. They choose the best papers and ensure perfect colours. No printing order is too small or big for them to manage, ensuring happy customers.

MVP Print Colouring Book Production StatisticsValue
Percentage increase in colouring book printing requests over the last year25%
Average turnaround time for printing a standard colouring book10 business days
Customer satisfaction rate with the print quality of colouring books92%
Percentage of colouring books printed with eco-friendly materials65%
Average number of pages per custom colouring book order24 pages

Marketing and Promoting Your Print Colouring Book

Creating a custom colouring book is just the start. To make it a success, you need a solid marketing plan. A big part of this is having a strong presence online, which helps you show off your work to more people.

Building an Online Presence

First, set up your book’s own website. Here you can describe the book, show off some pages, and sell it directly. Also, use social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. These sites are full of people who love colouring books. Use them to give glimpses into your work and to connect with your audience.

Engaging Your Community

It’s key to build a community around your book. Encourage your fans to share their completed pages. You can also run fun challenges or giveaways. This strengthens their connection with your brand and helps others discover your book through word of mouth.

Collaborating with Influencers

Team up with well-known people in the colouring book world to boost your book’s reach. Connect with popular fans or artists for projects, sponsored posts, or features. These collaborations introduce your book to new people and make your brand more trusted.

Local Events and Markets

Offline events are not to be missed. Go to local fairs, book events, or any gathering where your audience might be. This lets you meet people, get direct feedback, and sell your book to those interested.

By using these varied marketing strategies, you can get the word out about your colouring book, both online and off. Remember, how well you promote your book can make a big difference in its success.

Print Colouring Book Finishing Touches

There are ways to make your custom colouring book more durable and beautiful. Lamination is a top choice. It covers pages with a clear plastic layer. This keeps your book looking great and protects it well.

Lamination Options

Lamination doesn’t just make colours pop, it also shields your book from damage. Matte lamination is tough and elegant. It costs more but lasts longer. This is perfect for books used a lot. It keeps your pages and drawings looking fresh over time.

Customizing Book Covers

Don’t stop at a basic cover. You can add special finishes to really make your book one-of-a-kind. Embossing, gilding, or rounded corners add to its appeal and value. Though these touches might raise the price, they attract serious colouring fans.

Add these details to boost your colouring book‘s worth and charm. You’ll end up with a creative product that shows the effort you put into it.


In Australia, print colouring books offer a great chance for artists and businesses. They are becoming very popular, reaching a $32 million market size in 2021. This shows there’s a big opportunity to make money and be creative.

The market covers both kids and adults. It’s important to choose the best paper and finishing for your book. Doing this makes your book special and enjoyable to colour in. Working with a great printing company, like MVP Print, helps you make your book a reality.

As you start your journey with print colouring books, think about your online presence. Working with others, like famous artists, can also boost your book’s success. Promoting your book well is key to doing well in Australia. So, get creative and start your journey today.


What is a print colouring book?

A print colouring book is a unique book you can custom design. You get it printed and bound just as you like. You might make one for yourself, for promotion, or for sale.

What should I consider when designing my own print colouring book?

Think about a theme that catches the eye. Create drawings that are detailed and fun to colour. This way, your book will bring joy to those who use it.

What type of paper should I choose for my print colouring book?

Choose paper based on how people will use it, like with crayons or pencils. Consider the paper’s thickness, texture, and printing quality too. This will ensure a great colouring experience.

What binding options are available for print colouring books?

For bindings, you can pick from several types. These include saddle stitch or coil binding. Saddle stitch is popular because it’s affordable and lets the book stay open flat while colouring.

How profitable can a print colouring book be?

Print colouring books can be very profitable. Depending on your book’s success, you might make $500 to $10,000 a month. These books have a big market.

How can I work with MVP Print to print my custom colouring book?

MVP Print is an expert in printing all sorts of books, including colouring books. They will help you from file preparation to choosing the best printing and binding options.

How can I market and promote my print colouring book?

Having a strong online presence and a dedicated website is crucial. Also, using social media and working with influencers can really boost your book’s visibility. Don’t forget about local markets and events, which are great places to sell your book.

What finishing touches can I add to my print colouring book?

To make your print colouring book last longer and look better, think about lamination. It’s a clear protective layer that improves the book’s durability and appearance.

Print Colouring Book