Looking for Fast Printing Services ? A Guide to Same Day Printing

Are you a business owner in need of printing services that can be done quickly and efficiently?

With technology advancements come faster turnaround times, making it possible to produce printed materials within 24 hours.

Whether it’s an event Poster, Business cards, or Saddle Stitch Booklets – here we will explore the different types of prints that you can get done within a day at high quality.

The Key to Fast Prinitng is Digital Printing

Digital printing is the key to fast production, which uses digital files to directly control the printing devices.

This gives you a few advantages – mainly faster turnaround time and better quality.

Prints are made directly from your own computer files so you can get multiple copies of the same printed material much faster than with traditional offset printing.

Offset printing is better suited to longer runs, but isn’t as quick. Offset has a more significant print setup (Plates, inks, Fountain solution) which can be expensive and slow.

Additionally, Offset uses Ink, which takes time to dry. Digital uses toner and is dry almost immediately

Booklet Printing

And you need to make sure your Print Supplier has the balls to do the job !

Not all printers have Great Customer Service. It’s important to look for a printing service that advertises Same Day Dispatch, or Same Day Printing.

Same Day Printing Services normally have a cutoff time (10.30am), so the print professional can still produce, cut, and finish your job before freight arrives that afternoon.

Tight deadlines are OK, but printing services still need the Artwork Supplied and Uploaded Print Ready and in a high quality format. That way they can hit the ground running.

Fast printing balls

Types of Fast Printing You Can Get Produced within 24 hours

Business Cards:

Business cards are essential for any business these days – you can get them professionally printed within 24 hours using digital printing technology.

Get creative with your Business Card and stand out from the crowd!

Business Cards


Need a poster for an event you are hosting, or to promote a product? Digital printing can get it done quick and cost effective.


Saddle Stitch booklets are often used by business owners in their marketing efforts – these too can be produced within 24 hours with digital printing technology.

Saddle Stitched Booklets


Advertising a new product or service? Digital flyers are the perfect way to reach your target audience quickly and cost effectively.

Stickers and Labels

Labels are often used in retail, shipping, and branding applications – you can get them printed within 24 hours of ordering with digital printing technology.

Swing Tags

Swing tags are used by clothing and fashion labels to add an extra level of branding to their products – you can get them printed quickly and cost effectively with digital printing technology.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-up banners are a great way to make an impact at events, conferences or exhibitions – these can be produced within 24 hours with digital printing technology.

Pull Up Banners


Brochures are a great way to tell your story and showcase your services – these too can be produced within 24 hours with digital printing technology.

If you need brochure printing services fast, keep the Art away from the fold lines. Digital can burst on fold lines, and it’s highly recommended to use Offset printing if the Art is on the fold lines to reduce cracking.

Beer Coasters

Beer coasters are a great way to advertise your product at bars and pubs – you can get them printed quickly and cost effectively with digital printing technology.

Whether you need an eye-catching design for your beer coaster or a more subtle one, digital printing technology has the answers.

The fast turnaround time means that any changes or corrections to your design will be minimal and you can get them printed quickly.

Beer Coasters


Menus are an important part of any restaurant or cafe – you can get them printed quickly and cost effectively with digital printing technology.

Digital printing allows for custom designs in short runs, so you can make sure your menu stands out from the crowd. You can even add photos to your menus to give customers a better understanding of what they are ordering.

Other Fast Printing Products

There are more (many more), and any fast printing service worth its salt will supply a plethora of print materials at excellent quality and competitive prices.

The main criteria for fast printing services is for the print job to be short or medium-sized, with non-extensive finishing (eg Spot UV Varnish needs to dry, so that’s out !)

The key? The product needs to be print on paper, and not much more. These are still as good quality as standard turnaround print services. Just a fast printing pushed up the print queue.

Price of Printing Fast

The elephant in the room? Sort of… Yes, for fast printing services that are supplied at speed, there will be a premium price for a quick turnaround. But it shouldn’t cost you the farm !

Typically a competitive price for same day dispatch would be 10-15%, or in cases like Business Card Printing, a set rate of $10 or $20.

If you are getting charged double, find another same day printing services provider.

Price Printing Services


Also take into account where you are located from your same day print business. If you are on the other side of the country, even with the most efficient, amazing printing services, it might take longer to get to you.

A smaller item (under 5KG) can generally be printed the same day and put in an overnight Express Bag. If you are ordering a huge print project for Same Day Dispatch and you are in a different State or Province – even if it is printed and sent same day – it may take longer in freight to get to you

Great Service for Same Day Printing is out there. But know what you can and can’t get, and remember – the early bird gets the worm !

Fast Printing Business Card