Custom Beer Coasters Made from Sustainable Materials

Custom Beer Coasters

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly significant, even the brewing industry is taking steps to go green. Drink coasters, essential for any bar or brewery, have also joined the sustainability movement. Companies like MVP Print have recognized the importance of producing custom beer coasters in an environmentally friendly way.

In this article, we will delve into how a beer coaster is made using sustainable materials and discuss the advantages of offset and digital printing about eco-friendliness. Additionally, we’ll explore the eco-friendly stock used in Australia, the 390gsm Beer Board, which boasts several noteworthy features, including ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, General purpose blotting board, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

The Green Revolution in Brewing

Green Print Revolution

The brewing industry is evolving, not just in terms of flavours and innovations but also in its approach to sustainability. Custom printed coasters are small but vital elements of this transformation. This Coaster Board, which is commonly used to protect tables and bar surfaces from condensation and spillage, are now being produced with a focus on environmental responsibility.

MVP Print, a leading player in this industry, is making waves with its eco-friendly approach to beer coaster production. We understand the importance of minimizing the carbon footprint and the significance of using sustainable materials in the production process.

Producing Custom Beer Coasters in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Custom Beer Coasters
Glass with ribbon. Handwriting lettering in beer we trust. Vector vintage engraving illustration on dark circle. Advertising design for coaster

Custom beer coasters, like those printed by MVP Print, are made with a strong commitment to sustainability. Here’s how the process works:

1. Material Selection

The first step towards producing eco-friendly custom beer coasters is selecting the right materials. MVP Print uses 390gsm Beer Board, a sustainable stock, which has garnered attention for its numerous eco-friendly features when printed.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

This internationally recognized certification ensures that the materials used meet the highest environmental standards. MVP Print’s beer coasters made from 390gsm Beer boards comply with these stringent criteria, demonstrating their complete dedication to sustainability.

General Purpose Blotting Board

Beer Board is known for its superior blotting properties. This means it effectively absorbs condensation, preventing it from dripping onto surfaces and causing damage. Not only does this protect furniture and countertops, but it also reduces the need for excessive cleaning chemicals, further contributing to eco-friendliness.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

While ISO 9001 focuses on quality, its principles often overlap with environmental responsibility. A quality management system helps ensure that resources are used efficiently and waste is minimized in the production process. It’s another feather in the cap of MVP Print’s commitment to eco-friendly production.

2. Custom Beer Coaster Printing Methods

Beer Coasters

Once the material is selected, the next step in the production of eco-friendly custom beer coasters is the printing process. MVP Print employs both offset and digital printing, each offering its unique advantages concerning sustainability.

Advantages of Offset Printing:

Offset Print

High-Quality and Consistency

Offset Printing is known for producing high-quality Full Colour images with sharp detail and vibrant colours. The consistency achieved through this method minimizes waste by reducing the need for reprints.

Eco-Friendly Inks

MVP Print uses eco-friendly, soy-based inks in our Full Colour offset printing process. These inks are derived from a renewable resource and contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them a greener choice compared to traditional petroleum-based inks.

Energy Efficiency

Offset printing presses are known for their energy efficiency. These machines use less energy compared to digital printers, one of many great reasons to contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Advantages of Digital Printing:

Custom Beer Coaster Digital Print

Low Setup Costs

Full Colour Digital printing eliminates the need for costly setup processes like plate creation, which is necessary for offset printing. This reduces the consumption of materials and energy, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Minimal Waste

Digital printing allows for on-demand production, which means items are only printed when needed. This reduces overproduction and minimizes waste associated with excessive printing.

Variable Data Printing

Digital printing is perfect for personalized coasters with variable data printing. This means each coaster can have unique text, images, or barcodes, reducing the need for separate print runs and further minimizing waste.

3. Recycling and Disposal

MVP Print ensures that the entire life cycle of their beer coasters is eco-friendly. They use recyclable materials and encourage their customers to recycle the coasters once they’ve served their purpose. This approach helps reduce the environmental impact of the products even after they’ve been used.

The Importance of a Sustainable Custom Beer Coaster

Custom Beer Coasters

Sustainable custom beer coasters offer numerous benefits. They not only help breweries and bars reduce their carbon footprint but also cater to an environmentally conscious customer base. The advantages of choosing eco-friendly custom beer coasters extend beyond just environmental concerns.

Brand Image and Customer Loyalty

In a world where customers are increasingly looking for sustainable branding options, using eco-friendly beer coasters to promote your business can improve your brand image. Customers are more likely to support businesses that show a commitment to sustainability. Custom Designs done with beer coasters we produce from sustainable materials can help you attract and retain eco-conscious patrons.

Beer Coasters are such an easy way to advertise your logo and promote your business in so many different environments. From Bar to Restaurants, from square to round shapes, your print brand right under your prospect’s nose with each sip? Invaluable!

Coaster Cost Savings

While there might be an initial investment in choosing sustainable materials and printing methods, the long-term price savings are significant. Reduced waste and energy-efficient processes can lead to a decrease in production costs over time.

Using eco-friendly materials and production processes can help you comply with environmental regulations, which are becoming increasingly stringent. Avoiding legal issues related to environmental violations is not only cost-effective but also helps protect your brand’s reputation.

Enhanced Durability

Sustainable materials, like the 390gsm Beer Board, are often more durable than traditional options. They can withstand moisture and wear and tear, ensuring that your custom beer coasters have a longer lifespan, and reducing the need for replacements.

MVP Print: Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Custom Beer Coasters

MVP Print

MVP Print is a leader in the industry when it comes to producing eco-friendly custom beer coasters. Their commitment to sustainable materials, coupled with their eco-conscious approach to printing, super competitive price point and an expert team that goes the extra mile, ensures that their products are not just high-quality but also environmentally responsible.

Whether you’re a brewery, a bar, or a business looking to promote your brand through custom beer coasters, MVP Print’s offerings are an excellent choice for a sustainable future. By opting to create their custom beer coasters made from 390gsm Beer Board, you can play a significant role in reducing your environmental impact while enhancing your brand’s image and loyalty among eco-conscious consumers.

As the world continues to prioritize environmental sustainability, even the smallest of items like coaster board are being manufactured with eco-friendly materials and processes. MVP Print, with our eco-conscious approach to materials and printing methods in Australia, as well as our fast turnaround and delivery, is leading the way in providing sustainable options for businesses.

By opting for these custom beer coasters, you not only reduce your carbon footprint by using sustainably sourced products, but also enhance your brand image, save costs, and ensure legal compliance. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and the environment, showing that even the most ordinary items can contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.