Custom Coasters : The Complete Production Process

Custom Coaster

Custom coaster printing goes through many steps, from design to delivery. We’ll look at each step, from why custom coasters boost your brand, to crafting the best design. You’ll learn about choosing materials, printing methods, shapes, and sizes. We’ll also cover quality checks and how to handle large orders, ending with why this process is vital. Join us as we dive into the custom coaster world with MVP Print, a top company in Australia.

The Importance of Custom Coasters for Your Brand Identity

Custom coasters are key for boosting your brand’s image. They make your brand more visible and offer a unified brand experience. By putting your logo and design on coasters, you’re increasing brand recall and making a mark on customers. This marketing tool is perfect for showing off your brand’s personality. With the right design, your photo coasters will match your brand’s look and message, creating a strong connection with your audience.

Key Takeaways:

The Importance of Custom Coasters for Your Brand Identity

Custom coasters help boost your brand’s image. They make your brand stand out and give a unified experience. By adding your brand’s look to coasters, you make it easier for people to remember you.

Boosting Brand Visibility with Custom Drink Coasters

Using custom drink coasters is a smart way to get noticed. They’re placed where many people see them, like at restaurants or cafes. Their unique designs act like small ads, helping more people learn about your brand.

When people see your logo on a coaster, they remember your brand. This helps them think of you more often, which is great for your business.

Creating a Cohesive Brand Experience with Personalised Coasters

Personalised coasters let your brand’s style shine through. Adding your brand’s colours and messages to coasters creates a strong brand connection.

Having your brand seen on different items helps show you’re serious. You can also use coasters to promote special events or share seasonal messages, making the experience even better.

You can choose a design that fits your brand well. This makes the brand’s look and feel the same across everything. Don’t forget, custom coasters are a big part of your brand’s identity.

Getting Started: Crafting the Perfect Coaster Design

Graphics Designer

Creating the perfect coaster design is all about the details. You need to pick the right colours, fonts, and images. Making sure each part fits well together is crucial. If you have a design team, or bring in a professional, they must use special design software. This software makes sure your colours look right on the final product.

Avoid using software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. They aren’t good for getting high-quality prints. Choose tools made for design work, which have advanced options and handle colours well.

Think about your brand’s identity when designing your coasters. Your design should show what your brand is about. It should match your theme and message. This is your chance to stand out and connect with your customers visually.

Here are some tips for your coaster design:

  1. Choose colours that fit your brand and stir the right feelings.
  2. Pick fonts that are easy to read and show your brand’s style.
  3. Use top-notch images that go with your brand or the coaster’s theme.
  4. Keep your design simple and clear to make sure it’s easily understood.
  5. Try different layouts to see what catches the eye best.

Designing your coaster is a way to leave a mark on your customers. Put in the work to make your coasters visually striking and unified. This not only helps in everyday use. It also boosts your brand’s image.

Choosing the Right Materials for Durable and Stylish Coasters

Choosing the best materials is key in making long-lasting and attractive custom coasters. Different materials have unique features. They affect how long your coaster lasts and how good it looks. You can pick from premium coaster board and eco-friendly options, depending on your needs.

From Premium Coaster Board to Eco-Friendly Options

Premium coaster board is great for those who want their coasters to last. It’s tough against damage, keeping your coasters looking fresh. It makes your custom coasters look sharp and professional.

If you care about the planet, there are many eco-friendly materials for coasters. These materials are good for the Earth and are high quality. They show your brand cares about being green.

The Impact of Material Choice on Coaster Longevity

Choosing the right materials decides how long your coasters last. Durable materials like premium coaster board mean your coasters can take daily use. They stay looking good, especially for busy businesses.

Eco-friendly materials are durable too. They help your coasters last longer. They also show your dedication to protecting the environment.

Your coaster material choice is up to you. You might want durability, style, or support for the environment. Many options are available to meet your needs.

Coaster MaterialDurabilityStyleEco-Friendly
Premium Coaster Board
Eco-Friendly Materials

MVP Print, a premier custom coaster printing company in Australia

The Printing Process: Techniques for High-Quality Custom Coasters

The printing process is vital for top-notch custom coasters. Offset lithography and digital printing are two methods often used. Each has its benefits, helping businesses pick the best fit for their needs.

Offset Lithography vs. Digital Printing for Coasters

Offset lithography is great for printing lots of coasters at once. It’s known for its cost efficiency and accuracy. This method is ideal for big orders, offering great colour fidelity and clear details at a low cost.

Digital printing, though, shines for smaller orders. It uses digital tech for fast and flexible printing. Businesses can achieve bright colours and precise designs on coasters quickly with this method.

Ensuring Colour Accuracy and Print Resolution

Creating striking coasters means nailing colour and detail. MVP Print and other pros rely on cutting-edge tools for this. They make sure each coaster reflects your branding perfectly.

State-of-the-art printing gear and colour management ensure true shades. By focusing on high resolution, the designs on coasters come out sharp and clear. This results in coasters that look professional and appealing.

Understanding printing methods and pushing for the best in colour and detail pays off. It helps businesses create coasters that stand out and impress. This is key to leaving a strong memory with their audience.

Printing TechniqueAdvantages
Offset LithographyCost-effective for large volume orders
Excellent colour accuracy and print resolution
Efficient mass production
Digital PrintingVersatile and flexible for smaller volume orders
High colour accuracy and print resolution
Advanced digital technology for faster production

Adding a Personal Touch: Full Colour and Unique Designs

Custom coasters can be special with a personal touch. Using bright full colours, you make them eye-catching. They leave a strong impression. Coastere with bold colours stand out wherever you put them, making a lasting mark for your brand.

Unique designs are crucial for custom coasters. Make designs that are special and reflect your style. This shows your creativity and makes your brand memorable. Design your coasters to fit your brand’s message for a strong identity.

Transforming Favourite Memories into Custom Coasters

Custom coasters offer more than just branding. They bring back memories and add sentimental value. Turn favourite memories into coaster designs to create something personal. This way, it touches your customers emotionally.

Add photos or illustrations that mean a lot to your customers. This makes the personalised photo coasters not only useful but also treasured. They become conversation pieces that remind people of good times.

Double-Sided Printing Options to Maximise Impact

Printing on both sides of coasters adds a lot. You can have more messages or designs. This boosts their appeal and what they say about your brand.

This method lets you do more with your coaster space. You can put your logo on one side and details about a sale or an event on the other. It makes your coasters more useful and effective for marketing.

Customised Shapes and Sizes: Unleashing Your Creative Freedom

Designing custom coasters is exciting because you get to pick the shapes and sizes. This lets you be creative and make coasters that show off your brand and stand out.

You might like classic shapes such as circles and squares, or you could go for more unique designs. Customisation means you can really express your creativity. Make coasters that grab people’s attention.

Getting the right size for your coasters matters too. The size affects how well they work and how they look. Larger coasters have more space for your logo. This helps get your brand noticed. Smaller ones are easier to use and store.

Picking both the shape and size carefully can make your coasters look better and tell your brand story. Want something elegant, or something bold and attention-grabbing? With customisation, you can make coasters just how you want them.

Finishing Touches: The Role of Lamination and Die-Cutting

Adding final touches is key for making custom coasters look great. This includes lamination and die-cutting, which improve both looks and function.

Protecting Your Coasters from Spills and Wear

Applying a protective layer, or lamination, makes coasters last longer. It keeps them safe from spills and wear. This is good for coasters in restaurants, bars, or offices. It helps them look new for a long time.

Lamination also makes coasters feel better to use. It gives them a sleek, glossy finish. This adds elegance and professionalism to the coasters.

Custom Die-Cuts for Unique Coaster Edges and Shapes

Die-cutting shapes coaster edges uniquely. You can choose from rounded edges to special cutouts. This makes your coasters stand out. You can also match the shapes to your brand’s look.

Custom die-cuts offer a chance to show off your brand’s style. You can pick designs that are sleek or fun. This makes your coasters memorable and true to your brand.

Finishing OptionsBenefits
Lamination– Protects coasters from spills and wear
– Enhances the tactile experience
– Adds a professional and polished look
Die-Cutting– Creates unique coaster edges and shapes
– Allows for creative customization
– Represents brand personality

Quality Assurance: Pre-Press Checks and Online Proofs

Press check

Making sure our custom coasters are top quality is key. We check everything before printing and review online previews to ensure they look perfect.

Pre-Press Checks for Artwork Quality

First, we do pre-press checks on your coaster designs. We make sure the design, colours, and all details are ready for print. This step catches any mistakes early on.

Online Proofs for Design Approval

After the pre-press checks, we share online proofs for your approval. These show exactly how your coasters will appear. You get to fine-tune the design before we print.

Using quality checks like these make us confident in the end result. Your custom coasters will look great and represent your brand well.

Benefits of Quality Assurance in Custom Coaster Printing
1. Ensures artwork meets quality standards
2. Confirms accurate colour settings for printing
3. Identifies and resolves potential issues or errors
4. Allows for review and approval of the final design
5. Provides an opportunity to make adjustments or modifications

Our quality processes guarantee your coasters are made with care. This means you get a final product that looks just as you imagined.

Bulk Orders and Turnaround Times: Scaling Your Coaster Production

Printing lots of custom coasters efficiently is key. MVP Print is a top player in this field. They promise on-time delivery and top-notch quality. Thanks to their advanced tech and smart methods, they can fill big coaster orders fast and well.

Managing Timelines and Delivery for Large-Scale Coaster Printing

Keeping things on schedule for big coaster jobs is MVP Print’s strength. Their team and know-how cut out the wait from start to finish. You’ll get your coasters in bulk right on time thanks to their quick system.

Delivery date matters. MVP Print ensures safe, on-time delivery via trusted shippers. No matter if it’s for a big event, restaurant, or bar, you’ll get your coasters as you need them. Their focus on delivery means you can count on them, always.

Custom Coasters for Events, Restaurants, and Breweries

MVP Print shines in making custom coasters for all occasions. Their coasters are both eye-catching and sturdy. Perfect for showing off your brand at events, in restaurants, or in breweries. They turn each drink served into a branding opportunity.

You can really make your mark with custom coasters. Add your logo and brand colours for a personal touch. MVP Print gives lots of custom options. So, whether it’s a single event or ongoing marketing, you’ll always be ready to impress.

Packaging and Delivery: From MVP Print to Your Doorstep

Getting your custom coasters safely is key. MVP Print knows this well. They offer different delivery choices to fit your needs. This ensures your coasters get to you in top shape.

Choosing the Best Delivery Options for Your Coasters

MVP Print

MVP Print lets you pick how you get your coasters. You can choose fast or affordable shipping, based on what you need. They offer:

  • Standard Delivery: Ideal for relaxed orders, these coasters will be with you in good time.
  • Express Delivery: When speed is crucial, choose this option to get your coasters pronto.
  • International Shipping: For those overseas, MVP Print can ship your coasters anywhere in the world.

Choosing the right delivery means you know your order is in good hands. It’ll get to you on time, without stress.

Ensuring Safe Transit for Your Custom Coasters

Keeping your custom coasters safe while they travel is a big deal at MVP Print. They pack your order carefully. This protects your coasters from harm with strong materials and seals.

MVP Print also teams up with trusted logistic partners. They watch your shipment closely. This means you can check on your order’s progress anytime.

MVP Print’s detailed packaging and transport care means your coasters will look great when they arrive. You can trust they’ll be in perfect condition.

Delivery OptionDescription
Standard DeliveryIdeal for orders with no time constraints, ensuring delivery within a reasonable timeframe.
Express DeliveryPriority shipping for urgent orders, ensuring quick delivery.
International ShippingDelivery options for shipping outside of Australia, reaching customers globally.


The journey of custom coaster printing, from start to finish, is thorough. MVP Print in Australia is a top choice for making custom coasters. We know how critical custom coasters can be for branding. Our service aims to bring your coaster ideas to reality.

Choosing MVP Print means you get coasters that impress. Our experts are skilled in all aspects of coaster printing, and always go the extra mile. They make sure your coasters match your brand’s look, unique design and message.

We offer a wide variety of materials, prints, and finishes for your coasters. This lets you make coasters that are truly unique. From bright designs to special shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Get custom coasters from MVP Print to boost your brand. Our work reflects quality, close attention, and on-time delivery. We aim for your coasters to exceed expectations and make a strong impression on your customers.


What is the importance of custom coasters for brand identity?

Custom coasters make your brand more visible. They also help create a unified brand experience. This boosts brand recognition and leaves a strong memory with customers.

How do I craft the perfect coaster design?

Start with colours, fonts, and images that fit your brand’s style. They should also express your message or theme clearly. Use these to craft a design that stands out.

What materials should I choose for durable and stylish coasters?

Your options include premium coaster board and eco-friendly materials. Each choice affects how long they last and their style.

What printing techniques are used for high-quality custom coasters?

Offset lithography is for big orders. Digital printing suits smaller ones. Both methods ensure your design looks sharp and accurate in colour.

How can I add a personal touch to custom coasters?

Opt for full, vibrant colours and unique designs. Double-sided printing lets you include special memories. This makes your own photo coasters more memorable, and make great gifts to friends and family !

Can I customise the shapes and sizes of my coasters?

Absolutely, custom shapes and sizes make your coasters unique. This customization helps them reflect your brand and catch attention when cold beverages are sitting on them !

What are the finishing touches that enhance coaster appearance?

Lamination keeps coasters safe from spills and tears. Custom die-cuts can make your coasters look professional with unique shapes.

How can I ensure the quality of my custom coasters?

Checking your design before printing helps avoid mistakes. Online proofs and pre-press checks are crucial for top-notch quality.

How do I manage bulk orders and turnaround times for coaster printing?

MVP Print manages big orders swiftly. They make sure your coasters are ready on time. This is great for events, restaurants, and breweries.

How are custom coasters packaged and delivered?

MVP Print has various safe delivery options. They ensure your custom coasters arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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