Bookmark Printing – A Guide for Beginners

Bookmark Printing

Bookmarks serve as more than placeholders in books; they are a means of expressing one’s personality and style. Whether you’re a reader, a business owner or an aspiring artist, exploring the realm of bookmark printing can be a creative and practical venture.

In this guide aimed at beginners, we will delve into the world of bookmark printing covering topics such as design choices sizing considerations, options for paper stock and final embellishments.

Getting Started with Bookmark Printing;

Selecting the Right Design Software;

Before embarking on your bookmark printing journey, it is essential to have the correct software for designing your bookmarks. The wrong program can mean bad design, which means low reolution colours and a B-Grade printed product.

Here are some recommended programs;

Adobe InDesign.

Indesig Logo

This professional-grade software is favoured by designers who wish to create an elaborate custom bookmark. It offers an array of design tools and is particularly well-suited for complex layouts. If you have done the hard work and are skilled enough, there is no better program for designing printed bookmarks.


Canva Logo

Got a Logo but a bit of a newbie? If you are new to design or prefer a user tool, Canva is an excellent option. It provides designed templates and features a drag-and-drop interface.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

If you seek simplicity and straightforwardness in the Artwork process Microsoft Word can surprisingly yield results. However, be careful and understand Word is a text program. If can reduce the resolution of a Full Colour from 300dpi + down to 72pdi. Check with your Bookmark Printing Service before going to print !

Bookmark Printing Specifications

Bookmark Printing


In Australia, Bookmarks typically have a size of 200x50mm. BUT -Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different dimensions. Larger custom bookmarks can serve purposes like notepads or mini art prints while smaller ones can be more discreet.


Think about the layout you want for your bookmark. Are you going for a shape or do you want to try something unique? Consider who your target audience is…the purpose of the bookmark (apart from a page save as a reference, is to advertise, promote or refer to your business or product via pictures, an image or photos

Bookmark Printing and Graphics

Incorporate captivating images or graphics into your Artwork. Whether it’s your text, photographs or illustration make sure they are the right resolution for a polished and professional look.


Select a font that’s both legible and visually appealing. Ensure that any text, no matter what your font choice, is clear and easy to read. Play around with sizes and styles to make your text stand out.

Color Scheme

Choose a colour scheme that complements the theme of your design. Keep in mind readability by selecting colour combinations that work well together. A harmonious colour palette will make your bookmark visually attractive.

Different Printing Choices, for Bookmarks

When it comes to printing bookmarks the choice of paper is a factor that affects both the appearance and feel of your bookmarks. Here are some popular options;

Bookmark Printing Paper/Stock

Paper Types Bookmark Prining

Coated Paper

Coated paper provides a shiny surface, which enhances the clarity of any images on your bookmark. It’s a choice if your bookmark features graphics, and if so check out a glossy option. Matt is also a great choice, but print bookmarks typically have pictures and images.. for this, Glossy Paper as more `pop’

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper has a texture and finish making it perfect for achieving a rustic or vintage look. Additionally, it is much easier to write on

Recycled Paper

For those who prioritize sustainability using recycled paper is an option. It often has a texture and appearance and is used by 100% recycled materials. The right ‘Green’ option

Bookmark Print Finishing Touches

Specialty Bookmark printing

To give your bookmarks a touch consider these finishing options;


By laminating your bookmarks you provide them with protection against wear and tear— for bookmarks that will be frequently used this is vital. You can choose between matt laminate, gloss laminate or velvet soft touch) laminate. Lamination will enhance, protect and increase the professionalism of your marketing message.

Most people select gloss laminate coating if they have pictures. The Business corporate sector favours Matt Lamiante, but Gloss does bring out the natural colours of your bookmark more so than other options.

Die Cutting

If you desire shapes for your bookmarks opt for die cutting, as the technique to achieve that! This method allows you to create shapes that will make your bookmarks stand out from the crowd.

Foil Stamping/Metallic Inks

Add a touch of sophistication to your custom bookmarks by using foil stamping. This technique involves pressing colored foil onto the paper resulting in an attention-grabbing effect.


For an added tactile and visual element consider embossing or debossing. These techniques create raised (embossed) or indented (debossed) patterns or text, on your bookmarks giving them an extra dimension.

Quantity and Budget

Before placing an order for your bookmarks it’s important to determine the quantity you need. While printing in bulk can often be more cost effective it’s essential not to overcommit. Starting with a batch as a test run is advisable.

Additionally, keep your budget in mind. The printing options and finishes you choose can significantly impact the cost. It is recommended to obtain quotes from printing services to find the balance between quality and affordability.

Choosing a Bookmark Printing Service

MVP Print Bookmarks

Now that you have finalized the design of your bookmarks and selected the paper stock and finishing options it’s time to select a printing service. Consider these factors;

Reputation and Reviews

Look for printing services that have established reputations and receive high-quality customer reviews. This will provide you with confidence, in their ability to deliver high-quality custom bookmarks. At MVP Print, we are 100% owned and operated in Australia, and have hundred of Five Star reviews. We respond to every request fast, and have no compromise on quality. We, quite simply, aim to be better than the rest, and the feedback we get on this is super positive !

Printing Technology

Check what type of printing method the bookmark printing service utilizes. Digital printing works well for short quantities. Digital also Offers fast turnaround times while offset printing is more suitable for larger batches and provides superior quality, although this depends on the quality of digital machinery.

Bookmark Printing Customization Options

Make sure that the printing service can fulfil your design and finishing preferences. Not all services offer a multitude die die-cutting, foil stamping or embossing/debossing.

Turnaround Time

Consider your timeline – fast bookmark printing is certainly a option by the right bookmark printing service. If you require custom bookmarks quickly look for a service that offers a short turnaround time. However, keep in mind that expedited orders may come at an increased cost.


Compare the prices of printing services. Remember to factor in any expenses like shipping and taxes. Look out for discounts on quantities. At MVP Print, we have a price bet guarantee in case you happen to find a cheaper price (although we doubt it !)

Placing Your Bookmark Printing Order

Bookmark Pricing

Once you have chosen a printing service it’s time to proceed with placing your order. Most printing services provide an option to upload your bookmark design. Ensure that Printable bookmarks design file is in the required format ( PDF) and meets the resolution and size specifications.

Choose the type of paper finishes and any other customizations you desire for your bookmarks. Take a moment to double-check everything and ensure that it aligns with your design vision.

Specify the number of personalised bookmarks you wish to order. Review the pricing details. Make any adjustments if required. Many printing services provide quotes on their websites.

Before finalizing your order thoroughly review all the details. This includes examining your design, printing choices, quantity and pricing options. Once you are satisfied, with everything give your approval to proceed.

Complete the payment process by providing all the required billing and shipping information. Make sure to select a shipping method that suits your timeline.

It’s more than just a Bookmark!


The process of printing bookmarks presents an opportunity for expressing creativity promoting your Business Name or creating gifts. By utilizing design software, crafting eye-catching designs and carefully considering paper types and finishing options you can create printed bookmarks that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Like any Business Cards, Flyers or other promotional material, it’s important to get out there and push! Book Clubs, Libraries and any other form of literary institution are prime targets. Don’t wait, get innovative, impress your target (whether is it friends, customers, schools or family !) and get the ball rolling !

Make sure you select a printing service and carefully follow each step of the ordering process to ensure a seamless experience.

Happy Bookmarking !